• Voluntary Insurance
    You pay the full cost of these benefits and enroll directly through the respective insurance providers.  If you want to enroll in any of these voluntary benefits, you should contact the respective insurance providers directly for more information about how to enroll.
    Voluntary insurances include:
    Accident Insurance
    Available through American Fidelity, accident insurance pays the benefits directly to you to help you cover any unplanned medical expenses due to a covered accident.
    There are over 30 plan benefits available, and coverage may also extend to your family.
    Cancer Insurance
    Available through American Fidelity and Washington National, cancer insurance helps ease the impact on your finances should you or a family member be diagnosed with Cancer.
    Benefits payments are made directly to you to pay for expenses like co-payments, hospital stay, and house and car payments.
    Disability Insurance
    Available through American Fidelity and The Standard, disability insurance protects your income if you cannot work due to a covered injury or sickness.
    It provides steady benefits to cover expenses by covering a percentage of your gross monthly earnings.
    Voluntary Life Insurance
    Available through American Fidelity and The Standard, voluntary life insurance provides peace of mind knowing it will help take care of your family after you are gone.
    Making sure your family is financially protected, in the event of a loss, is an important way of caring for their needs.
    Phone: (800) 325-0654
    American Fidelity plans include:
    • Accident Insurance

    • Cancer Insurance

    • Disability Insurance

    • Flexible Spending Account
    • Voluntary Life Insurance

    • Whole Life Insurance

    Phone: (800) 522-0406
    The Standard plans include:
    • Disability Insurance

    • Voluntary Life Insurance

    Phone: (888) 754-3406
    Washington National plans include:
    • Cancer Insurance


Last Modified on September 27, 2019