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    The mission of the Santa Ana Unified School District Police Department is to provide for the safety and security of everyone who attends and works at school facilities throughout the District.  We accomplish our mission through a Community Oriented Policing framework that is deeply rooted in providing specialized, professional and responsive police services with compassion and concern.





    Integrity: At the Santa Ana School Police Department, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, promoting an environment where every member of our school community is inspired to embody honest and honorable behavior.


    Safety: In our pursuit of safety, we prioritize the protection of a community characterized by honorable behavior. We strive to create an atmosphere where acceptance, respect and decency thrive, ensuring the well-being of all. The safety of our students is our primary mission.


    Service: Dedicated to serving with a focus on fostering a culture of acceptance, politeness and honesty, we actively contribute to an environment that values the principles of respect. Our team is committed to providing service that enhances the sense of community, encouraging positive and admirable conduct.


    Community Participation: We actively engage with our community, forming partnerships with those who share our dedication to promoting polite and honorable behavior. By collaborating with our students, educators, parents, and local stakeholders, we collectively contribute to building a community that cherishes and encourages ethical conduct.


    Transparency: Transparency is paramount in our commitment to creating an environment where good behavior is not just encouraged but expected. We strive to be open and clear in our communication, ensuring that our actions, policies, and decision-making processes align with the values of our community.