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    2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR

    J Bruhl

    Mr. Jimmy Bruhl, School Principal 

    Dear Carver Families & Wonderful Santa Ana Community,

    First and foremost, I am deeply grateful for your commitment and determination this school year. We all faced new obstacles, routines, and procedures, but in the end, it has made us a stronger community.  It is evident that “UNITY” is a strength at Carver Elementary.  This strength will always lead us on a harmonious path that will help us sustain a safe and academically rich environment for all students.  Staying in unity also helps us to develop and grow together, allowing us to accomplish difficult goals that cannot be achieved alone.   

    The foundation we continue to solidify, makes it possible for us to ensure that students feel supported.  As we continue to support our students, we strive to build the external assets they need to succeed, such as:

    • Empowerment
    • Boundaries & Expectations
    • Constructive Use of Time
    • Commitment to Learning
    • Positive Values
    • Social Competencies
    • & Positive Identity

    As we begin our summer transition, don’t forget the relationships we have built and we look forward to seeing you next school year!  Stay healthy, have fun, and always remember to be RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, & SAFE!

    Let’s make it a great summer!


    ~Mr. Bruhl

    Jimmy Bruhl

    New_Logo Carver

    Principal, Carver Elementary School, SAUSD



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