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  • "Become a Classroom of Bucket Fillers"
    KIm Ahvari, Principal  
    Mrs. Kimberly Ahvari, School Principal

    Welcome to Carver K-3 Elementary School.  We are looking forward to having a great year in which each child will have academic success.

    Together as a team, I am confident that our students can accomplish anything and everything when they put their minds to it.

    Our 2017-2018 data is in and looks incredible!  Our students increased to 55% proficient on school-wide DIBELS, had a 10% increase on SBAC ELA, and a 3% increase on SBAC Math. These scores are a reflection of the hard work and determination present by all staff, students, and parents. Last year, our students began a new math program. Not only did students practice math calculations, they also learned how to be mathematical thinkers. We will continue supporting our students in our new math program, and at the same time begin a new Language Arts/ELD program this year. Students will be learning to read, write, listen and think using social studies and science concepts.

    In addition, we will continue to provide visual and performing arts instruction in our classrooms. All students will receive 30 minutes of music instruction each week. Our PTO will be providing students with Meet the Masters three times this year.  Students will attend an assembly to learn about a particular artist and then recreate an art masterpiece in their classroom. We will continue to have grade level performances incorporating singing, dancing, and oral speaking; allowing students to express themselves through creative forms.

    Besides academics, our school strives to be a support for our children and families. There are times when children come to school with many challenges including facing early childhood trauma. We will continue to focus on building positive relationships and support systems so that students are able to focus on learning. To assist us with this goal we will revamp our PBIS systems, including more interventions, to support these students.  We will also be hiring a Padres Unidos Community Worker to provide support to parents and students during difficult times. Carver will also be teaming with Padres Unidos to have a Parent Education and Preschool for students ages 3-5 on our campus one day per week. This will include parenting classes, a preschool, and babysitting for younger children all at the same time.  Padres Unidos will be on our campus the first week of school to sign parents and children up. If you are interested, please call the front office and leave your name and someone will contact you.   

    This year, you will see some new faces at Carver.  Mrs. Sarah Avram will be joining us as one of our mild/moderate teachers, and Ms. Cassie Olah will be our new music teacher. Coach “J” will be returning as our Playworks Team Up Coach, supporting our supervisors with recess.

    As many of you have heard, our district has approved a permanent building to replace our current portables.  Plans have been approved at the state level and we are currently waiting for Board approval on a construction management firm.  Construction should begin this fall.

    As always, please feel free to call, email, or stop by the front office if we can help you with anything.  We are looking forward to a great school year!

    Kim Ahvari, Principal

     Carver Comet