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  • Anissa Sorley Sequeida

    Hello Parents and Community Members,

    Summer Break is upon us. Some of our students and staff are participating in extraordinary learning opportunities through enrichment programs and community supported events. Others are taking time to reconnect with family and friends during this well-deserved break. It is important that while we are away from school the learning continues. Encourage your student to research a subject they have a personal interest in and create something the shows their learning. Talk with your student about what they look forward to in school what they struggle with, then have them develop a plan on how they are going to engage in their learning next school year. Continue the conversation about achievement, respect, and responsibility. The middle school years can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Support your student in taking charge of their learning and being responsible citizens and students by having conversations about the world around them and where they fit.

    For incoming sixth grade students we offer our annual Summer Bridge program. This program is scheduled for July 31, August 1 and August 2 from 7:30-1:00. This is an opportunity for our incoming sixth grade students to get acquainted with the campus, learn about the intermediate school program and expectations, receive materials, and begin building relationships with staff and students.

    For summer our office hours have changed. We will be closed June 19 -July 15, 2019 and re-open on July 16, 2019. Our office hours will remain 7:30-3:30 until the start of school. Villa’s program verification will take place August 2 for sixth grade students, August 6 for seventh grade students, and August 5 for eighth grade students. Families that do not attend program verification on the assigned dates will need to visit our main office before the start of school on August 12th. 

    School begins on August 12, 2019. We look forward to seeing our students bright and early at 7:50 on August 12th and hearing all about their summer learning.

    Here at Raymond A. Villa Fundamental Intermediate School we are a "Villa family" and we thank you for visiting our website.

    Principal Anissa Sorley Sequeida, Ed.D.

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