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  • Anissa Sorley Sequeida

    Hello Parents and Community Members,

    Welcome to the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year! As we continue with distance learning, we strive to look for ways to best support our students and our community. Here are some tips to ensure our students' success:

    • Keep our student on a schedule that includes a decent bedtime and time to get up and get ready.
    • Provide healthy breakfast choices or make a healthy breakfast for our student. SAUSD is committed to providing meals to all of our students even while we are distance learning.
    • Make sure our student is well hydrated (drinks plenty of water) and gets exercise (preferably outdoors).
    • Make sure our student logs in to all of their classes and logs in on time.
    • Have our student show you their assignments in Canvas and/or Google Classroom. Ask them to explain the objective and describe what they did.
    • Monitor our students' grades in Aeries. Students should not have any missing assignments.
    • Encourage our student to reach out and stay in touch with their teachers for help and guidance throughout the entire semester. Do not wait until right before grade reports come out.
    • Students should contact teachers first before parents intervene. Make our student verify with you that they have talked to their teacher and tried to resolve the issue. This will teach our student to be independent and develop self-efficacy.

    Villa has support staff and community partners available to assist our students and our families. Please feel free to reach out to our counselors for academic or social-emotional needs regarding our student (Mr. Briseno serves last names A-L, Ms. Nevarez serves last names M-Z). In addition, our FACE Liaison, Mr. Isaac Sanchez, is available to assist all Santa Ana families as needed. 

    We look forward to another opportunity to serve our community of families and students and wish our Villa Family a happy and safe beginning to 2021.

    We may be away from campus, but our students are always in our thoughts and our hearts. We can't wait to see everyone back at school soon. Don't forget to show pride, respect, and achievement, in everything you do and we look forward to our continued partnership. 

    Here at Raymond A. Villa Fundamental Intermediate School, we are a "Villa family" and we thank you for visiting our website.

    Principal Anissa Sorley Sequeida, Ed.D.

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