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  • Kasey Klappenback



    Garfield Gators…”Leading the Way in the 21st Century!”  

        “To Infinity and Beyond!”


    Fall Greetings Parents,

    Thank you making the first month of school such a success. Your attendance at our first official parent meeting, Back to School Night, and fourth & fifth grade Chromebook meetings have been greatly appreciated!  We are also grateful for all the support of our PTA, ELAC, SSC, and Padres en Accion Parents during our meetings too.  Garfield parents are becoming community leaders!

    In addition, Coach Mike has started Class Game Time (CGT) with individual classes. This will keep our students active, learning new games, and becoming problem solvers. Congratulations to our new junior coaches who were also recently announced!  These fourth and fifth grade gators will be helping teach and lead other Gators  in new games and to help keep recess and lunch time safe!  These students will be learning lifelong leadership skills that will last them forever!

    In September, all Gators were taught lessons to prepare them for 21st Century learning. They also took our new District Performance Task Assessment. This assessment will help us align our instruction to the expected learning outcomes of our state test the SBAC.  Also Gators are experiencing great success as they engage mathematical rigor using our new Math Expressions program. We are confident that Gators will grow even more with these shifts in instruction.

     In October our Garfield News Team will also start announcing the news once again. Mr. Marx is still accepting more fourth and fifth grade journalists and broadcasters for the team. This year their broadcasts will be added to our website for parents to view from home.

    Again, we encourage you to be part of our TEAM, by joining our  Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Due to parent participation through PTA, our students will have art assemblies this month and an art lesson from Meet the Masters.  In addition, some of our Gators will be visiting the Heritage Museum and Marine Mammal Institute this month.  Remember …. PARENTS make our school STRONGER!

     As a result, our Gators will be better prepared for college, career, citizenship, and success!  As educators and parents, we must all hold our students accountable to the highest of expectations! All GARFIELD GATORS are capable of… “Leading the Way in the 21st Century!.... To Infinity and Beyond!”


    Remember... Garfield Gators SWISH (Scholarly Worthy Innovative Successful Honorable)

    With sincere gratitude,
    Mr. Klappenback
    Garfield Elementary 
        Kasey Klappenback
        (714) 972-5300
        Garfield Elementary
        Santa Ana Unified School District