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    Garfield Gators…”Leading the Way in the 21st Century!”  

        “To Infinity and Beyond!”


    Summer Greetings Parents and Families,

    Congratulations and good luck to our 5th grade Gators who were just promoted to intermediate school. Your hard work has paid off.  Remember... that you can accolmplish anything if you put your mind to it!

    Summer is a busy time at Garfield. During June, July, and August we will have mulitple opportunities for learning.  In June and early July we have two summer enrichment programs, Engage 360 summer program, and Kinder Readiness workshops with Padres Unidos.  In early August, Mrs. Saltzer will also be conducting a second grade literacy bootcamp for selected Gators.  Other 3rd-5th grade scholars will also be attending Speech and Debate Summer Camp at Santa Ana High School.

    This season is also the best time to lost in a good book. The Santa Ana Library is opened all summer and has great reading incentive programs.  You can also continue using our digital learning programs such as, Footsteps to Brilliance, myON, Lexia, and Reading Plus. 

    I would like to thank all of the Garfield families for supporting our students, teachers, and staff. Your support and teamwork has helped to enrich the education of our students. As a result, our Gators will be better prepared for college, career, citizenship, and success! As educators and parents, we must all hold our students accountable to the highest of expectations!

    Have a blessed and relaxing summer time with your families!


    Remember...All GARFIELD GATORS are capable of… “Leading the Way in the 21st Century!... To Infinity and Beyond!”


    With sincere gratitude,
    Mr. Klappenback
    Garfield Elementary 
          Kasey Klappenback
        (714) 972-5300
        Garfield Elementary
        Santa Ana Unified School District

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