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Principal's Message


    Ms. Bertha Irene Benavides-López, Principal

    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! It has been my pleasure to serve this amazing community of Willard Intermediate.  

    As your principal, my goal is to bring unity, compassion, trust and quality instruction into the lives of your students.  As a Turnaround Arts school for the past 4 years, we want to continue the love for the arts but also focus on providing rigorous instruction. 

    This school year, our teachers will be provided many opportunities to grow professionally, making student-centered instruction the focus of our academic program. Our goal at Willard is for our students to have a safe and supportive place where they come and receive an outstanding educational experience.

    Implementing our ROARS rules and values with fidelity: Respect, Organization, Attitude, Responsibility and Safety, has helped our school become safe for our students to access high-quality education.   It’s important that our students, teachers, and community members know what we expect from them and what they expect from us as an institution of learning. It’s important that we all show respect and pride not just for ourselves, but also for our school. In addition, it is important that we show determination for learning through exemplary achievement. Our hope is to continue to work together as a team: teachers, staff, parents, community, and students so we can be successful in all we put our minds to.  This educational journey is not just Willard’s journey, it is ALL of our journeys.  

    With the high rigor that our educators are implementing in their classrooms and the vast resources we have provided for our students and families, we will all become successful.  Our Wellness centers have brought in many programs to help our community be part of our educational family. We encourage all of you to stay focused, stay informed, and work with us to continue this amazing partnership that we have created thus far.

    At Willard Intermediate School, we are a "family" and our doors are always open for you as a student, parent, or community member. 

    With Respect,

    Bertha Irene Benavides-López


    (714) 480-4800

    Bienvenido al año escolar 2021-2022! Ha sido un placer servir a esta increíble comunidad de la escuela Secundaria de Willard.

    Como su director, mi objetivo es brindar unidad, compasión, confianza e instrucción de calidad en la vida de sus estudiantes. Como escuela de Turnaround Arts durante los últimos 4 años, queremos continuar el amor por las artes pero también centrarnos en proporcionar una instrucción rigurosa.

    Este año escolar, nuestros maestros recibirán muchas oportunidades para crecer profesionalmente, haciendo la instrucciόn y los programas académicos el enfoque principal para el crecimiento de nuestra escuela. Nuestro objetivo en Willard es que nuestros estudiantes tengan una escuela segura donde puedan recibir apoyo académico, emocional o sicológico.  Nuestra meta es que tengan una experiencia educativa positiva y que puedan recibir las herramientas necesarias para que puedan sobresalir en su vida cotidiana.

    La implementación con fidelidad de nuestras reglas y valores ROARS: Respeto, Organización, Actitud, Responsabilidad y Seguridad, ha ayudado a que nuestra escuela sea segura para que nuestros estudiantes tengan acceso a una educación de alta calidad. Es importante que nuestros estudiantes, maestros y miembros de la comunidad sepan lo que esperamos de ellos y lo que esperan de nosotros como institución de aprendizaje. Es importante que todos demostremos respeto y orgullo no solo por nosotros mismos sino también por nuestra escuela. Además, es importante que demostremos determinación para aprender a través de logros ejemplares. Nuestra esperanza es continuar trabajando juntos como un equipo: maestros, personal, padres, comunidad y estudiantes para que podamos tener éxito en todo lo que queramos y nos propongamos. Este viaje educativo no es solo el viaje de Willard, sino de TODOS nuestros.

    Con el alto rigor que nuestros educadores están implementando en sus aulas y los vastos recursos que hemos proporcionado para nuestros estudiantes y familias, todos tendremos éxito. Nuestros centros de bienestar han traído muchos programas para ayudar a nuestra comunidad a ser parte de nuestra familia educativa. Los alentamos a todos a mantenerse enfocados, mantenerse informados y trabajar con nosotros para continuar con esta increíble asociación que hemos creado hasta ahora.

    En la Escuela Intermedia Willard, somos una "familia" y nuestras puertas siempre están abiertas para usted como estudiante, padre o miembro de la comunidad.

    Con Respeto,

    Bertha Irene Benavides-López


    (714) 480-4800

    Mrs. Errin Robinson Landry, Assistant Principal
    As a newly appointed member of the Willard administration team, I would like to share with you my philosophy of student learning as well as my goals as an assistant principal.  As I embark upon year 22 of my career in education it is my goal to be a leader that supports the school's vision of providing students with a rigorous instructional program while developing them as social-justice minded individuals who can impact change in our world.  By developing positive, personal relationships with faculty, staff, students, and parents we can and will provide students with the tools necessary to compete in a changing global society.  With that being said, it is very important that we address the academic needs of students as well as their social-emotional health and well-being.  
    Students have different learning styles and deserve the opportunity to express their unique qualities.  It is for that reason that I support, encourage, and coach teachers to create student-led classroom environments where students can share and gain knowledge from one another.  The teacher guides students and facilitates rich discussions, conversations, and classroom tasks that nurture students' natural curiosity while promoting respect for all.   Classrooms provide students with opportunities to explore themselves authentically as they construct knowledge and make personal connections to what they are learning.  Strategies such as small group instruction, hands-on learning, collaborative groupings, and student choice will help to foster intrinsic motivation in students and activate a lifelong passion for learning. 
    The Willard team has a strong sense of family and looks at every student as such.  We have an open door policy and welcome your feedback!  I look forward to working with and for you as we personalize education to meet the needs of each of your children.  I am honored to be a part of the Willard team!  
    Your partner in education,
    Errin Robinson Landry
    (714) 480-4800

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