Greenville News

Principal's Message

    Felisa Gear
    I feel so honored to be working at Greenville Fundamental School. One summer, I was invited to do some curriculum writing with teachers from Greenville and immediately was drawn to the schools’ fundamental elements and the warm and professional staff that worked there. Teacher commitment to students achievement impressed me from the moment I walked onto the campus. By the end of the summer, I was appointed the Assistant Principal at Greenville, a dream come true for me. 
    I worked happily as the Assistant Principal for 6 years where I learned much more about what it means to be Fundamental. 
    In 2005, I was presented with a wonderful opportunity to become Greenville’s principal when the former principal, Ms. Champion, decided to move on. 
    I feel so fortunate to be a part of this outstanding program, where parents, students and staff work jointly for a common goal; to produce students who are responsible individuals and possess a strong academic foundation.
    Ms. Gear, Principal