Principal's Message



    November 19, 2020,


    As we move toward our Thanksgiving break, I just wanted to take a few moments and type out what I am thankful for. 

    I am thankful that as a community we have worn our masks, kept our social distance, and looked for ways to still connect.

    I am thankful to work with teachers that have basically learned how to teach in a completely different manner (they may have had to do this with their own children in the home).  They have created a new bag of virtual tricks, they have reached out to parents on Parent Square, and every day...they go into all our students homes and give 100% effort. They care about our students, they worry about our students, and they want to support our students and their families in every way.  Thank you!

    I am thankful for parents that have continued to work or maybe they have lost a job, maybe they have multiple children in classes, they have learned how to connect hot spots, they can connect on a Google Meets or a Zoom meeting, they come to school when the chromebook or hot spot is not working, they filter through all the Parent Square postings, and they stay hopefull for the day we can have their loved ones return.

    I am thankful for our students....but before I begin I want to share that I know how hard this has been.  I know you miss your friends, recess, and all the things that come with our school being a social hub for many.  I also know that you miss seeing your teacher, walking in a classroom, and maybe even the school lunch!

    I am thankful that you have continued to log in, make comments, turn your mic on or off, share your screen, and EVEN work independently.  Thank you!

    I am thankful to see our  staff assist families daily...whether it be to switch a computer, get a meal, enroll in a class, connect families to outside help, be the liason between a teacher and the student by handing out materials...they do it ALL!

    I am thankful to work at a school that is clean, in good repair, and is shining example that we feel our students deserve world class facilities...thank you Facilities and our custodians!

    Finally, I am thankful to work with a leadership team that is beyond smart, organized, CARING, they put the needs of kids first, they go above and beyond to support our families, teachers, students, and a principal that can have blind spots....thanks for seeing the holes in the road before I do.

    Heninger has a long history of success.  This is a community that has always worked together to support children.  I know that the next few months will be difficult, but I look forward to sharing our stories of success with all. 

    Finally, remember that you are part of Heninger K-8…#heningerpride. WE WILL RISE TO THE CHALLENGE….just like we always have.


    Heninger Pride!

    William Skelly, Principal

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