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    Greetings All Stars,
     As I am writing this on Thursday, March 19th, 2020  because our lives have been completely disrupted. We were all together on Friday and then an announcement spread that our site and district would be closing until after Spring Break.  As a school that dismisses at 1:48 and 2:08 pm, we were working in a rapidly-changing situation.  Families, staff, and I had many quesions and concerns about what the future would hold.  Staff members were in communication during the weekend and their concern was 100% focused on supporting our families and their ability to be of service.
    I want to personally share the appreciation that I have for our school staff.  Our first priority, was to make sure our students and staff were safe and  we accomplished that.  We also wanted to ensure that our students were going to be able to receive the food that they are provided on a daily basis at our site and we accomplished that.  The next priority was to begin to understand how we could still provide enrichment activities for our students.  Our staff met on Monday and Tuesday (in person and virtually) and began to determine how they could best do that.  Many variables were taken into account as our teachers made rapid instructional delivery decisions.  The delivery options differ from grade to grade and teacher to teacher.  Some of our staff are relying on packets that our District had created, others began to put ClassDojo into action, we have students that are using Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Padlet, personal calls,  district email, and a host of other ways to reach out to our students. Many teachers have different teaching styles so determining which method to use has been a very personal decision. We are currently learning the challenges that our instructional delivery is facing.  Some students don't have their chrome books, there are internet challenges, packet challenges, and to be honest some families are facing bigger issues than a virtual learning day. We will continue to monitor, communicate, and improve our instructional delivery methods.
    Our teachers will continue to be available to work with our students.  It is going to look much different as we move forward.  Some families will welcome the freedom to explore learning opportunities that we are providing.  Others may feel the need for  structure or a schedule that they can use during the day.  Which is right?  Which is best?  Am I doing well?  Well, these are questions that are difficult to answer right now.  Please email me with any questions that you may have:  william.skelly@sausd.us
    and I will get back to you ASAP. You can also email a teacher at: firstname.lastname@sausd.us
    As we move forward, your ability to obtain information and direction for your families will be important.  It may take some time, but we will continue to improve our ability to reach kids!
    Please follow our school on:
    Twitter:  @heningerschool
    Instagram:  @heningerallstars
    You are asked to check our district website (www.sausd.us) on a daily basis for updates.
    We will be posting throughout this break...focusing on the unbelieveable experiences our teachers, families, and our students  are sharing.
     A few things that I will be working on:  learning how to use Tic-Toc, working on photo editing, making memes, keeping my voice in shape (when the students return, I want to be in mid-season form), getting in some garage workouts, and reconnecting with my family.
    This event has reminded us what is important in our lives.  I miss giving high-fives to our young All Stars, seeing their constant smiles, seeing our Pre-k's and their red vests, our playground full of  students playing, visiting classrooms, walking up to our 7/8th graders in deep discussion and seeing the look they give me when I don't leave their area, and in a few more weeks...who knows...I might even miss the lunch duty that ends @ 1:08.
    Please stay safe, keep a positive attitude, and reach out if you have questions and/or concerns.
    Go All Stars!
    William Skelly, Principal
    William Skelly, Principal 

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