I would like to introduce myself as Joni Howard, the principal here at Greenville. I am extremely

    excited to join the Greenville family. I have been on site for a few months now, and hopefully you have

    gotten a chance to say hello or have seen me at arrival or dismissal. I am truly thrilled to be here.

    As I walk around campus and talk with individuals from this school community, I can say that your

    children and the staff at Greenville have welcomed me with open arms. Students are friendly and

    kind, and they look fantastic in their uniforms. I can see that the children at Greenville come to school

    ready to learn.

    Although I am new to Greenville and to SAUSD, I am not new to education. I have worked in

    education for 25 years, as an elementary school teacher, a literacy coach, an assistant principal and

    a principal. I have worked as an administrator for the past 10 years in Corona-Norco USD. I hear

    wonderful things about SAUSD, and again I am so happy to be a part of Greenville Fundamental


    I strongly believe safety must be first in education. Physical and emotional safety is a top priority

    because when students feel safe, they will grow by leaps and bounds. I also know that through staff

    and student collaboration, learning can accelerate. We can do more together than we can do alone.

    Lastly, as I walk campus and join this great school, I make a commitment to listen to everyone.

    Listening to all stakeholders (students, staff, parents and community members) will give me much

    insight into the needs of our school. Together we can work toward steady improvements in

    academics and student wellness.

    I look forward to coming to Greenville every day, and if you see me, please don’t hesitate to say hello.

    Thank you for choosing Greenville as the school for your children to learn and grow.


    Dr. Howard


    Greenville Fundamental School