Welcome to Physical Education at Willard  Intermediate School!

    In light of our country's situation with school closures, we will have to conduct classes online for the foreseeable future. For our physical education class, we will be using a variety of resources in order to meet our online learning requirement. Everything assigned will be able to be completed from home using Google Classroom. 
    Below are the type of assignments you should be looking for: 

    1. Daily Workout Video on Edpuzzle, that you need to watch and do. Embedded in the video, are questions that you are required to answer.

    2. Weekly Food Log. Please track your food intake, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    3. Daily Heath/Nutrition Video on Edpuzzle or Newsela, that you will need to watch or read and then answer the comprehension questions.
    If you have any questions, you may email us and we will reply to you within one day.
    We will get through this Jags. In the meantime, get your workout in, practice social distancing, wash your hands often, and take care of yourself and family.

    Physical Education Department
    Please, click on each teacher's name to get information on how to log on to Google Classroom or Newsela if you have not already done so.