• Welcome to the VAPA/Electives Department


    Visual Arts: Courtney Doane

    Here is a great opportunity to put your talents to work as you learn the foundations of art and design…line, contrast, color, shape, and more!  This class provides students with plenty of opportunities to learn drawing and design skills that will serve you your entire life. 



    Band: Mr. Jeremy DelaCuadra

    Welcome to the best period of your day!
    The Willard Intermediate School Band program has been carefully developed and structured to benefit students in a positive manner.  Partcipation as a band student results in more than simply learning to perform with a musical instrument.  Students attain high levels of self-expression, creativity, cooperation, achievement and self dicipline through the study and performance of music. Band has three classes: a beginning class to learn the fundementals, intermediate band for those that have 2 or more years of experiance and an advanced band for 8th graders that have had my class for two years.  Here you will learn how to play a band instrument and have fun doing it.  Our classes are performance based classes everyone will be able to perform at least twice a year.  We also go on field trips and go out for events.

    Oscar Garibay: Mariachi



    AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

    What are you doing now to prepare for college and career? AVID will show you the way. When you choose AVID you will receive academic support, learn what it takes to get into a university, receive academic support from college students, visit universities, learn from interesting guest speakers, participate in “fun Fridays”, and much more.  This elective requires an interview.    

    Project Lead the Way

    Welcome to DMA or Digital Media Arts. Have you ever wanted to make a TV show, publish a book, make a poster or learn about 3d graphics? Make an android app?  Join us then, as we explore this amazing world and help create the Willard Weekly TV Show, The Willard Yearbook, make short videos, learn to code, and make interactive projects that introduce students to a wide range of 21st century skills. 

    Design & 3D Modeling

    Playing with robots, designing bridges, learning the magic of photography, using computers to design objects are just a few of the STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) projects that you will learn.  This exciting elective gives students a variety of experiences that will help them with all aspects of their education.    

    ASB/Student Leadership

    The Willard Associated Student Body (ASB) provides student activities and a forum for student expression. We promote the common good for all students and student participation in school and community activities. We serve as training experience for student leaders and give students a share in the management of the school. 

    The Associated Student Body (ASB) is the decision making organization of the student body. We work with the faculty, the council advisor, and the principal to help improve school conditions. We have the power to allocate money out of student body funds, to make laws that are considered necessary to improve various aspects of the school, and to accept or veto motions or suggestions brought to the council.

    ASB develops high values of personal conduct, acts as a clearinghouse for student activities, attempts to interest students in school affairs, and helps solve problems that may arise. Associated student bodies are formed for the sole benefit of the students.  All students must be enrolled in the school district of residence to be a member of the student body.  Any group of students may organize "with the approval and subject to the control and regulations of the governing board of the school district."  (Education Code 48930)



    Speech & Debate

    Speech and Debate is a year-long course which is designed to give students advance intermediate level practical speaking skills, particularly in the development and presentation of speeches to be given publicly in the English language, to English speaking audiences. The course aim is to help students develop excellent speaking habits, reduce speaking anxiety, emphasize critical thinking skills and hone the skills of organization, speech writing and the use of research in speaking. The course also prepares students to compete at district level with the school’s interscholastic speech and debate team.