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  • Band: Jeremy DelaCuadra

    Welcome to the best period of your day!
    The Willard Intermediate School Band program has been carefully developed and structured to benefit students in a positive manner.  Partcipation as a band student results in more than simply learning to perform with a musical instrument.  Students attain high levels of self-expression, creativity, cooperation, achievement and self dicipline through the study and performance of music. Band has three classes: a beginning class to learn the fundementals, intermediate band for those that have 2 or more years of experiance and an advanced band for 8th graders that have had my class for two years.  Here you will learn how to play a band instrument and have fun doing it.  Our classes are performance based classes everyone will be able to perform at least twice a year.  We also go on field trips and go out for events.




    Oscar Garibay: Mariachi



    Jeremy DelaCuadra, Band


    Room 26


    Oscar Garibay, Mariachi


    Room 25