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    It is extremely important that every student is in class on time, every day, ready to learn!  Regular attendance is vital to the academic success of your student; in order to learn a student must be in class.

    Education Code specifies excused absences as those resulting from illness, medical/dental appointments, or death in the immediate family.  All other absences are considered unexcused and will result in a Saturday School to make up for missed instructional time.

    ABSENCES - A parent/legal guardian is required to report an absence on the same day a student is not at school.  Absences may be reported to the Attendance Office using one of the following methods:

    1. Call the attendance absence line and leave a message at (714) 558-5120.

    (Be sure to leave a clear message with the student’s full name, date of absence, ID # or date of birth, grade, the name and relationship of the person who is reporting the absence and a phone number where the person can be contacted.)

    1. Send a handwritten note with the student’s full name, ID # or date of birth, date of absence and a signature, from a parent/guardian with the student to school the first day the student returns to school. If the student is absent due to a medical appointment please provide a Doctor’s note when the student returns to school. All notes must be provided to the Attendance Office.

    (Please send a note the first day the student returns to school.  The student needs to turn in the note to the Attendance Office before school starts).

    If a student is absent 3 or more consecutive days, a doctor’s note excusing the absence is required. Without a note from the doctor the attendance will be recorded as UNEXCUSED ABSENCES. Any absence that is not cleared by a parent/legal guardian within 3 days from the date of absence will result in an after school detention being assigned to the student.

    Absences must be reported by a parent/legal guardian to the Attendance Office each day a student is not on campus. Doing so assists the school in accurately identifying which students are on campus during each school day.


    When a student is tardy to class, a note is required.  Please remember a tardy is a tardy. The note does not excuse the tardy.


    When a student is tardy (30 minutes or more), they are considered to be tardy truant.  Students that are tardy truant must report to the attendance office.   


    In order to qualify for yearly perfect attendance, a student must be in class for every minute of instruction every day of the school year.  Saturday School is used to make up instructional time it will not qualify a student for perfect attendance.


    Students must maintain regular attendance and attend class on time.  Repeated absences and tardiness will initiate an attendance letter, home visit, disciplinary action, and/or a transfer to the child’s neighborhood school. 

    Students will be assigned Saturday school for excessive tardies and for unexcused absences.  Repeated absences or tardies for any reasons will result in a School Attendance Review Team (SART) meeting with an administrator.

    Pupil Support Services will mail letters to parents or guardians with students that are excessively tardy, excessively absent excused and/or unexcused.


    As required by law, SARB will be initiated after the third unexcused absence and/or tardy.

    A student who is habitually truant or irregular in attendance may be referred to a SARB. (Ref. E. C. 48263)

    SARB meetings are held at the Pupil Support Services office.  The goal of SARB is to improve the attendance of each student.  This goal can be achieved once the family identifies the obstacles that prevent the student from having regular attendance. The SARB panel along with the family and school staff will develop and implement strategies to address the issues making regular school attendance a concern.


Last Modified on August 11, 2016