• Code of Student Conduct

    The instructional and extra-curricular program at Raymond A. Villa Fundamental Intermediate Schools has been designed to help students focus on academic success. It is expected that every student will operate fully within the framework of the Code of Student Conduct. Students who choose not to follow the Code of Student Conduct will be appropriately disciplined.

    Campus Conduct

    Because Raymond A. Villa Fundamental Intermediate School is a community of students gathered for the purpose of formal learning, where each respects themselves, others, and the school, all students are expected to:

    1. Demonstrate acceptable behavior in the classroom, on the school grounds, and on the way to and from school as determined by the classroom teacher or other school authority.
    2. Comply with the uniform policy. 
    3. Attend classes on time, every day, unless out of school for a valid reason (e.g., illness or bereavement)
    4. Be honest, courteous, respectful, and demonstrate kindness.
    5. Move quietly and in an orderly manner throughout the campus. Walk while on campus.  No running.
    6. Bring reading and other required materials to all classes daily.
    7. Refrain from inappropriate or public displays of affection as determined by school personnel.
    8. Eat food in the lunch area only, and help maintain a clean campus by putting all trash in the proper containers.
    9. Obey directions for seating, conduct, and dismissal at assemblies.
    10. Maintain the standards of Raymond A. Villa Fundamental Intermediate School when not under the direct supervision of a teacher or supervisor and when attending school functions off campus.
    11. Obey all traffic regulations when riding to and from school. It is the law that all students riding bicycles must wear helmets.
    12. Use the library responsibly, respect the rights of others, use materials properly, and return books on time.
    13. Report directly to school from home and stay on campus.

    Students will NOT at any time:

    1. Be in any parking lot without parents or guardians present with them.
    2. Deface, damage, destroy, steal, or litter on school district property or the property of other people.
    3. Cheat, forge signatures on school documents or copy other students' work.
    4.  Leave campus during school hours. 
    5.  Use profane or vulgar language or make obscene or suggestive gestures.
    6. Make any threat to commit, attempt to commit, or commit any physical violence against school personnel or other students.
    7.  Push, hit, kick, play-fight (aka horseplay, messing around), wrestle, tease, or call teachers or other students derogatory words/terms or participate in any form of bullying or hazing against another student.
    8. Bring any form of toys, balls, bats or similar equipment, collectibles such as trading cards, pogs, etc., playing cards, gaming cards, collector cards, electronic/computer games, stuffed animals, cameras, portable speakers, laser pointers or recorders, onto the campus. 
    9. Chew gum on campus at any time or at any school-sponsored event.
    10. Loiter on or near school grounds before/after school, including on the District Office grounds.
    11. Run at any time on campus.
    12. Climb trees, fences, or buildings on campus.
    13. Throw rocks or other objects (dirt, food, eggs, paintballs, water balloons).
    14. Touch, lift, push, sit upon, or deface any vehicle on or near the school grounds.
    15. Change lockers without permission from the PE Department or share lockers or locker combinations with friends. 
    16. Privately buy or sell candy or other items on campus.  This does not include school-wide fundraisers.
    17. Use, possess, or distribute tobacco, any controlled substance (including Cannabis), narcotics, alcohol or intoxicant, or other contraband on a school campus or at any time.
    18. Possess or use lethal weapons (including knives), or any item that may be constituted as a weapon (brass knuckles, razors, etc.), explosive devices, or any form of caps, poppers, fireworks, stink bombs, or replicas thereof.
    19. Take their prescribed medication at school without written notification from parents and doctors. The medication must be in an original box or container with a pharmacy label attached and turned into the health office.
    20. Ride bicycles, skateboards, or roller skates on school grounds, especially the parking lot, at any time (including athletic events and practices).
    21. Leave class for any reason or come to the office without a pass from the teacher or supervisor.
    22. Leave campus during the school day for any reason without permission from the Attendance Office.
    23. Be in a restricted area during nutrition and lunch periods, unless authorized to do so, and have a visible pass. Students must remain inside the red boundary lines during the nutrition period. Students are permitted to be on the blacktop and field areas during the lunch period.  
    24. Possess or distribute look-alike drugs, substances, or drug paraphernalia or possess items that have likenesses of drug-related pictures on them (e.g., a picture of a marijuana plant).
    25. Use gang typewriting or any writing other than name, on books, notebooks, or any personal or school item.
    26. Gamble. Any form of wagering or betting on money or items is against school rules. Wagering in any manner is also outlawed by State and Federal law pertaining to minors.
    27. Spank or strike in any way, pour liquid upon, egg students, or otherwise participate in any form of harassment of a student.
    28. Spit on sidewalks, buildings, other people, or any school property.
    29. Bring permanent marking pens (markers), highlighters or Liquid Paper (White-Out) to school. 
    30. Fold or tear out pages in the student agenda.
    31. Write on backpacks, except the student's name.
    32. Litter or otherwise demonstrate disrespect toward the neighbors, community, and personal property.
    33. Bring skateboards to school for daily transportation.

    Classroom Conduct

    The goal of Raymond A. Villa Fundamental Intermediate School is to provide a variety of opportunities that allow students to realize their academic potential. In order to provide a classroom environment that is conducive to learning, it is expected that all students will:

    1. Enter and exit the classroom in a quiet and orderly manner.
    2. Be in their seats and ready to work before the tardy bell rings.
    3. Be prepared, at all times, with a Chromebook, school agenda, pencils, pens, a notebook, and paper.
    4. Follow all directions of the classroom teacher and other school staff, and obey the rules and regulations of each classroom in order to avoid disturbing others.
    5. Complete all the work that is assigned and any makeup work missed due to absences.
    6.  Attend class on time every day unless ill or with an excuse that has been validated by the office.
    7. Tend to personal grooming during times when students are not sitting in class. Personal grooming items must be kept in the student’s purse and pocket.
    8. Use the bathroom facilities before and after school, during nutrition, during lunch, and between classes rather than during class time.
    9. Eat only in designated areas. Students may not eat in the classroom during class time.  They may not eat in or near the classrooms at any time.
    10. Treat substitute teachers with respect, following directions and instructions as provided.