To start the process of enrollment for a new student entering our district or any student returning from another school outside our district, click on the seal below:

    First click on one of the Tutorial videos on how to submit your Online Enrollment Application: 



    CLICK ON THE SEAL below to start the process of enrolling your child in our school district. 


    New families living within our school district boundaries are able to complete their child's Online Enrollment Process for this current year.

    Families can also pre-enroll their children for the following school year 2024-2025, which will start August 12th, 2024.


    OUT OF DISTRICT FAMILIES: If you live outside our school district boundaries and your child has been accepted to one of our schools, please carefully follow the instructions in the Online Enrollment Process. 

    An Inter-district Transfer Permit is required from your Residence School District.



    School of Choice (Lottery) results for Advanced Learning Academy, Fundamental Elementary and Intermediate Schools will be posted on your Parent Portal Account beginning January 31st, 2024.

    The steps are listed below:

    • Click HERE to log in to the Parent Portal Account 
      • Select School of Choice Transfer Request
      • Click on Select an Application using the drop-down arrow
      • Status of the lottery will be displayed under Decision Fields
      • School 1 Approval Status:
      • School 2 Approval Status:

     Click here for the Lottery Application Notification Step-by-Step

    From January 10th, 2024 to February 5th, 2024

    The Transfer Request process is necessary for any student who would like to attend a Santa Ana Unified school located outside their residence school boundary.

    While students traditionally attend the school assigned to their residential area, the Board of Education recognizes some families may wish to choose a different school. SAUSD has designated specific guidelines and application period for families to request a transfer. Transfer Requests are not first come, first served; Transfer Requests are processed through a random and unbiased manner. Once a school or grade reaches capacity, other sites may be offered. All decisions are FINAL.

    2024-2025 Open Enrollment Inter/Intra-District Transfer Request 

    What Kind of Transfer Request Do You Need? 

    INTRA-DISTRICT - Transfer Within SAUSD: Santa Ana Unified School District residents entering grades K-12 may submit a request to transfer to a school that is not their school of residence.  Use the SAUSD School Locator to confirm residence school. If you wish to enroll in your school of residence, DO NOT complete a transfer request. Contact your assigned school for enrollment information.

    INTER-DISTRICT - Transfer From Another School District: 

    Residents of other Orange County School Districts that wish to attend a SAUSD school for the 2024-2025 school year, or current SAUSD students residing outside of SAUSD boundaries in 5th or 8th grade that wish to continue attending Santa Ana Unified as they matriculate to a new school, require to submit a transfer request by clicking HERE and to provide an INTER-DISTRICT Transfer from their district of residence.  Current SAUSD students outside of grades 5th, or 8th grade living out of district need only to renew their interdistrict attendance permit through their district of residence. 


    All Transfer Requests:
    By submitting a request for transfer, you agree that you have read and understand all sections of the Inter-district Transfer Procedures, School Availability, & Information and agree to accept SAUSD Transfer Terms and Conditions below:

    • A transfer permit may be denied or revoked for any of the following reasons:
      1. truancy, excessive tardiness or class cuts
      2. poor behavior/citizenship
      3. providing false or incomplete information
      4. space availability
      5. program impact.
    • All California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) rules and regulations regarding transfers and athletic eligibility are applicable.
    • Transfer students are not eligible to participate in the school bus transportation program. It is your responsibility to provide safe and timely transportation to and from school.
    • All information provided to SAUSD relating to this transfer request is certified to be complete, true, correct, and you agree with all conditions related to this application.

    Incomplete Transfer Requests will not be processed.

    Should you have any question? Call 714.433.3481 - Option 1 or email us at records@sausd.us 


    Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) offers a variety of options that may capture the interests of students and cultivate their talents and skills. We welcome students who reside in the City of Santa Ana and outside of SAUSD boundaries (must go through the transfer process). All schools and programs are open and available, if space permits, to all students regardless of where they live their residential area. If you live within SAUSD boundaries, you will receive priority enrollment at your school of your residence. 

    To determine which school is the school of residence click on School Locator. If you are interested in learning and enrolling in a school other than your school of residence, please contact our office at (714) 433-3481. Once you have identified your school you can initiate Enrollment process.