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    Dr. Stefanie Phillips, Superintendent of Schools
    I Pledge

    In Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD), we have one primary goal – to prepare students with 21st century skills to graduate from high school and to become productive contributors to our society. We take that to heart in SAUSD where all teachers, staff, and administrators have taken a pledge to believe in ALL students and support them to be successful academically, mentally, and emotionally. We know that when we have high expectations and believe in our students, they excel. We see it happening in SAUSD everyday where our students are defying the odds and making steady increases as evident in our high fluency rates of students learning English as a second language and our ability to continue to surpass the State average for high school graduation rates.  Whether students choose to further their education in college or enter directly into the workforce or military, it is our pledge as educators to provide them with the necessary tools and support to get them there. If you haven’t already taken a pledge to support the Santa Ana Unified School District in fulfilling our primary goal, I encourage you to make a pledge today! Whether you choose to volunteer at one of our schools, help a child to read, or donate resources or services, do something to support SAUSD schools. It takes all of us – educators, parents, business leaders, and community members – working together for our children to succeed.

    Stefanie P.  Phillips, Ed.D.

    Superintendent of Schools



Last Modified on October 20, 2017