• Elementary Education

    The Elementary Educational Services Division provides the primary direction and guidance to all aspects of the elementary instructional program, with the primary goal of helping our schools deliver a high quality program that strives to ensure the success of our students via a robust, broad curriculum whose delivery is supported through the use of Thinking Maps, GLAD strategies and the SIOP model.

    The division works closely with the district's other departments to coordinate services. These departments include: Special Education, English Language Learners, Research and Evaluation, Instructional Technology, Fitness and Wellness, for example. We also help facilitate out of district agency and organization collaboration and partnerships.

    Our division provides the direct oversight of the elementary Gifted and Talented Education (GATE), Pre-School Programs, Elementary Music program, and broad oversight of K-12 Visual and Performing Arts(VAPA).

    Additionally our work also includes the provision of professional development, guidance and direction on student report cards, benchmark assessments, student retention, order facilitation of textbooks and instructional materials.

    Herman Mendez
    Assistant Superintendent
    Suzanne Zavala
    Executive Secretary
    Phone: (714) 558-5805 or Ext. 75805
    FAX: (714) 480-5321
    email: Suzanne.Zavala@sausd.us

    Elementary Education

    Michelle Rodriguez
    Director of Elementary Student Achievement/Charter Schools
    Laura Ramirez
    Executive Secretary
    Phone: (714) 558-5656 or Ext. 75656
    FAX: (714) 480-5321
    email: Laura.Ramirez@sausd.us

    English Learner Services

    Nuria Solis


    Adela Serafin, Department Secretary
    Phone #: (714) 558-5855
    Fax #:    (714) 558-5612
    Email Address: adela.serafin@sausd.us

    Early Childhood Education Programs

    Janneth Linnell
    Early Childhood Education Coordinator
    Mireya Chavez
    Department Secretary
    Phone: (714) 431-7542
    Fax: (714) 431-7596
    Email: mireya.chavez@sausd.us
    Special Projects
    Roxanna S. Owings
    Director of Curriculum/Special Projects
    Sharon Duckworth
    Phone:  (714) 558-5528
    Fax: (714) 480-5321

    Head Start

    Charlotte S. Ervin
    Head Start Coordinator
    Phone: (714) 431-7576
    Fax: (714) 431-7596
Last Modified on July 15, 2013