Welcome to the SAUSD Student Portal

  • Classroom teachers are the main contact for all of our students and families.  Teachers have been asked to reach out regularly to students by phone, email, text, and other virtual methods, and have primary responsibility for outlining the learning agenda for their students each day.  District curriculum teams have developed supplementary learning enrichment packets, primarily for those students who do not have technology and/or reliable internet access at home.  These packets are not meant to replace or compete with learning activities outlined by classroom teachers for their students. We will continue to develop and distribute learning enrichment packets while schools remain closed. 

    For more information about Early Childhood please visit us at Early Childhood

    To find your Learning Packet, look for your grade level to the left.  Click on the Grade and you will find links to materials for Elementary (Grades PreK to 5), Intermediate (Grades 6-8) and High School (Grades 9-12).  Grades 9-12 should also click on the Online Distance Resource Science/PE/HSS for more resources. We will be updating the page with additional materials, and families are encouraged to explore the additional links to the right for community, mental health or supplemental education resources. 

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Last Modified on April 28, 2020