• Welcome to Santa Ana Unified School District
    Special Projects/Wellness Programs/VAPA
    Santa Ana Unified School District’s Department of Special Projects/Wellness/VAPA encompasses a wide variety of District Programs, including but not limited to:

    • Nutrition Education & Obesity Prevention (NEOP)
    • Student Wellness
    • Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)
    • Physical Education (K-12)
    • Intermediate Intramurals
    • High School Athletics

    The Department of Special Projects is led by its coordinator, Ms. Roxanna S. Owings who has been leading the department for 6 years. Ms. Owings is passionate about ensuring that students in Santa Ana have access to quality programs that provide opportunities in the arts and wellness.
    Ms. Owings’ efforts are supported by the Special Projects Staff:

    Charmaine Alvarado, Department Specialist
    Angela Allen-Hess, Curriculum Specialist (Wellness/Athletics)
    Robyn MacNair, Curriculum Specialist (VAPA)

    We are proud and privileged to partner with all SAUSD personnel to promote a healthy, high-quality lifestyle for all of our students and their families.