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    High School HIV/AIDS Health Requirement
    This page is designed to fulfill the high school graduation requirement that students complete a unit on HIV/AIDS prevention per California Education Code 51934.
    High school students should contact their school counselor for their school's HIV/AIDS prevention passcode inorder to access the online lesson.  You must use the passcode for your school in order for your school to receive confirmation that you completed the lesson.
    Download the HIV/AIDS Study Guide.  Fill in the study guide as you view the video clips and web site resources in the online lesson.  You may use the Study Guide when you take the online quiz at the end of the online lesson.
    Go to the online lesson.  You will need to type in your school's passcode.  Instead of typing your first and last name you will type your school ID number and school name.
    After viewing the materials you will take the online quiz which is part of the lesson.  The passing score for the quiz is 85% (you can miss up to 3 of the 20 questions).  At the end of the quiz, your score will appear.  If you don't pass, you should review the material again and then you may re-take the quiz.
    After you pass the HIV/AIDS quiz, you need to click on the Assignment Completed button.  Once you click on the Assignment Completed button, you will not be able to take the quiz again.
    After you complete the assignment and pass the quiz (85%), your school will be notified.
Last Modified on March 14, 2020