• Livescan Fingerprinting



    (Please Note: If you are a SAUSD applicant requiring fingerprinting, please directly contact SAUSD Human Resources for fingerprinting instructions.)



    Livescan is a system for the electronic submission of applicant fingerprints to the State of California, Department of Justice.  Livescan technology replaces the process of recording an individual’s fingerprint patterns manually through a rolling process using ink and a standard fingerprint card.  Fingerprints can be digitized through an electronic process (Livescan), enabling the electronic transfer of the fingerprint image data, in combination with personal descriptor information, to central computers at the Department of Justice.  This transfer takes place in a matter of seconds, instead of the days required to send hard copy cards through the U.S. mail.  Livescan submissions are responded to by electronic mail, and/or U.S. mail.  The Department of Justice will also coordinate other electronic processes resulting from the automated submissions of fingerprints, including forwarding the fingerprints to the FBI (if required).  Resource: State of California - Department of Justice - Attorney General)


    Fingerprinting Services

    The Santa Ana Unified School District Police Department provides fingerprinting services to the public.  Applicants requiring Livescan fingerprinting for pre-employment, volunteering, licensing and other background screenings, may contact our Department to schedule an appointment.  Unfortunately, walk-ins are not accepted.  
    Santa Ana Unified School District
    School Police Services - Administrative Office
    1601 East Chestnut Avenue
    Santa Ana, CA 92701
    Business Hours
    Monday - Friday
    8:00am - 4:30pm
    (714) 558-5732
    Fees are based on the services being requested by the agency requiring you be fingerprinted.  The amount may vary depending on the type of application being submitted.  You may be responsible for the payment of the SAUSD processing fee ($20), along with other fees applicable by the state and federal agencies. Fees are payable only by debit card / credit card or money order - made payable to Santa Ana Unified School District.
    At the time of your appointment, please have the following items available:
    • Payment for fingerprinting services (if fees apply)
    • Request for Livescan Request Service Form - (for SAUSD applicants, the form will be provided at the time of your appointment; for public entities, this form should be provided by the agency requiring you be fingerprinted)
    • A  valid photo identification card - acceptable forms, include the following: 
    CA Driver's License
    CA DMV Identification Card
    Valid Out-of-State Driver's License / Identification Card
    Military ID
    Resident Alien / Immigration / Green Card
    Results are sent from the CA Department of Justice directly to the requesting agency.  Results may take approximately 2 to 10 business days from the initial fingerprinting submission.  Please note, we do not have access to your results, unless you were fingerprinted for pre-employment or volunteering for the Santa Ana Unified School District.  Please contact your corresponding agency or the CA Department of Justice at (916) 227-2300.
    Please do not hesitate to contact the Santa Ana Unified School District Police Department, Livescan Services at (714) 558-5732.