• Traffic Division


    Vehicular and pedestrian safety are of a paramount concern to everyone in the Santa Ana Unified School District and to members of the community at large.  Motorcycle officers are deployed to provide traffic enforcement operations around school sites and District facilities.  Tasked with facilitating traffic safety, motor officers work directly with school staff and students, in an inclusive effort to provide a safe and efficient flow of traffic.  Santa Ana School Police motor officers must complete a pre-motorcycle riding course, followed by successful completion of a California Peace Officer Standards and Training certified motorcycle riding course.  They routinely train on motorcycles to improve and maintain their riding skills.  Members of the Traffic Division, utilize what is commonly referred to as the three "E's" (Education, Enforcement and Engineering) of traffic enforcement to promote a safe school community.
    Education - Motorcycle officers often participate in classroom instruction to provide traffic safety tips to students, parents, and staff to heighten awareness and promote a safe school community.
    Enforcement - Motorcycle officers enforce all the rules of the roadway in and around our schools.  Enforcement is used to gain compliance to encourage everyone to abide by the rules of the road.
    Engineering - Schools have different traffic related concerns that are site specific based on geography, physical design and relation to residential and commercial environments.  Traffic Division personnel often meet with school staff to address site specific concerns.  They also provide assessments for the safest possible routes into and existing school campuses to maximize the safety of students and staff.  Motorcycle officers collaborate with SAUSD Facilities Department representatives, City of Santa Ana Public Works, and City of Santa Ana Police Department Traffic Division supervisors to identify the most efficient routes on or around schools, with the safety of our children as our utmost concern.