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    The mission of the Investigations Unit is to provide prompt, professional and effective investigative services to solve crimes and reduce the risk of fulture crimes from occurring on our school sites.  This is accomplished with proactive criminal investigations and conducting follow-up investigations on all criminal and non-criminal offenses as directed by the Chief of Police.

    Officers assigned to the Investigations Unit work closely with local, county, state and federal agencies to identify criminal suspects and respond to crime trends. The investigations Unit is responsible for maintaining liaison with local courts and the district attorney's office.

    Unit Investigators are responsible for conducting personnel history background investigations on all police officer applicants for the School Police Department.  Maintenance of training records for all School Police Officers in accordance with compliance standards are established by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training are managed by the Investigations Unit.

    In addition to investigations of criminal offenses, the Investigations Unit is available to assist school site administrators in conflict resolution to maintain a safe and problem free school environment.

    A close working relationship is maintained with the City of Santa Ana Police Department Investigations Bureau for case resolution and increased inter-operability.

    City of Santa Ana Police Department's Investigation Bureau: SAPD Investigations Bureau