• Blue Shield of California
    SAUSD offers three Blue Shield plans for its benefit-eligible employees.
    Trio ACO HMO
    SAUSD's Blue Shield Trio offers the same exact benefits as the Access+ HMO plan at a lower employee cost and a smaller network of doctors and hospitals you can choose from.
    Access+ HMO
    SAUSD's Blue Shield Access+ HMO has the same exact benefits as the Trio plan at a higher employee cost and a larger network of doctors and hospitals you can choose from.
    Spectrum PPO
    SAUSD's Blue Shield Spectrum PPO allows you to receive care from any of the doctors and hospitals within the plan's network, for covered services only.
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  • Contact Blue Shield of California
    Customer Service
    Phone: (800) 393-6130

    Website: blueshieldca.com/sausd

    Trio ACO HMO Members

    Phone: (855) 747-5800

    Chiropractic Services
    American Specialty Health
    Phone: (800) 848-3555

    Website: Ash Link Blue Shield

    Trio members only

    Phone: (844) 644-4325

     Mental Health Services
    Life Referrals 24/7

    Phone: (800) 985-2405

    Website: Magellan Services
    Phone: (800) Tel-A-Doc
    (800) 835-2362

    Optometry Services
    Phone: (800) 877-7195

    Website: vsp.com


Last Modified on January 12, 2024