• Trio HMO Access+ HMO Spectrum PPO
     SAUSD's Blue Shield Trio offers the same exact benefits as the Access+ plan at a lower employee cost but has a smaller network of doctors and hospitals you can choose from and visit for services.  SAUSD's Blue Shield Access+ HMO has the same exact benefits as the Trio plan at a higher employee cost but you will have access to Blue Shield's entire HMO network of doctors and hospitals
    SAUSD's Blue Shield Spectrum PPO allows you to receive care from any of the doctors and hospitals within the plan's network, as well as outside the network, for covered services only.
    The Blue Shield Spectrum PPO lets you continue seeing your doctor even if they are not part of the Blue Shield PPO network.  Keep in mind that if your doctor is not part of the plan's PPO network, you will have to pay more for each visit.


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Last Modified on June 17, 2021