• New Hire Information
    The Santa Ana Unified School District offers new benefit-eligible employees a complete health insurance package which consists of:
    Dental Medical Pharmacy Vision Life Insurance
    (For All Blue Shield Members)
    (For Kaiser Members)
    (For both Blue Shield and Kaiser Members)
    Voluntary Insurances
    Review all of your options by reading through your Health Plan Brochure.  Your brochure contains important information about your insurance options with SAUSD.
    Your New Enrollment
    The elections you make as a new employee will give you coverage beginning the first day of the following month that you are hired.  For example, if you are hired on August 12, 2020, your coverage will begin September 01, 2020.
    In order for us to process your new enrollment, the following form must be received within 30-days of your employment:
    Use this form to enroll-in or make qualified changes to your benefits.
    Required Documents
    Copy of the County issued marriage license, if enrolling your spouse
    Copy of the County issued birth certificates, if enrolling children
    Eligibility details for Domestic Partners are listed in your Health Plan brochure
    Life Insurance Form (This form may be submitted after the 30-day window)
    Use this form to designate your District-paid life insurance beneficiaries.
    During the enrollment process, you are required to provide the Social Security Number for all your enrolled dependents.  If you leave the Social Security Number field blank, your dependent will not be enrolled.
    Once you have made your selections, and gathered all supporting documents, send your forms to our office via:
    Email Mail Fax
    Employee Benefits Office
    1601 E Chestnut Ave
    Santa Ana, CA 92701
    1 (714) 558-5682
    Emailed forms will receive a confirmation email after we have reviewed your form.
    You should contact our office 7-10 days after mailing your form to confirm receipt.
    You should contact our office after you receive the fax confirmation from your fax machine to confirm receipt.


Last Modified on October 21, 2021