• Benefits Department Directory
    We are dedicated to serving you and providing quality service throughout the year.  Please contact the following representatives for assistance.
    Fernando Juarez
    Risk Management Technician
    Phone: (714) 558-5877
    Carol Magallanes
    Risk Management Benefits Specialist
    Phone: (714) 558-5714
    Janet Rodriguez
    Phone: (714) 558-5681

    CalSTRS Deductions
    COBRA Information
    Coordination of Benefits
    Dual Coverage
    Health Insurance Deductions
    Partial and Shared Contracts
    Payments and Reimbursements
    Benefits Authority Meetings
    Priority Processing
    Retirement Benefits
    ACA Information
    Provider Contact
    SAUSD Medicare Requirements
    Assistance with Forms
    General Assistance
    New Employee Information
    Plan Information (General)
    For assistance with voluntary insurances, such as American Fidelity, you should contact the respective providers directly.  All provider contact information can be found on the Provider Directory page of our website.
Last Modified on May 17, 2021