• Mental Health Services
    All Blue Shield and Kaiser members receive mental health services through their respective medical insurance provider.
    Blue Shield Life Referrals Kaiser Behavioral Health
    Because we want our employees to have a well-balanced life, Blue Shield members will receive E.A.P. benefits through Blue Shield's Life Referral 24/7 Program.
    The program can provide referrals to professional counselors for up to three free face-to-face, confidential visits per six-month period and live 60-minute telephonic consultations.
    You can access the program 24-hours, 365-days to help you resolve emotional, health, family, and work issues.
    This benefit is included in your medical plan and is available to all household members.
    Blue Shield Life Referrals 24/7
    1 (800) 985-2405
    Everyone needs suppot for total health - mind, body, and spirit.  Digital tools can help you navigate life's challenges, make small changes that improve sleep, mood, and more, or simply support an overall sense of well-being.
    Just three steps to a healthier you
    1. go to kp.org/selfcareapps/scal
    2. Click on the Get Started button
    3. Follow the prompts to download the app.  Please have your KP user ID and password ready.


    Informational Brochure

Last Modified on March 18, 2020