Math Glogs

Posted by Amber Nong on 11/29/2012 3:00:00 AM

You will need an email to create your account and use Glog template.

Part One: Creating a Glogster Poster

1. Log on to and create a new account
2. Take a look at some sample Glogster posters and begin to imagine your own
3. Decide on a topic your want to present (this should relate to one of three purposes, below:)

  • Introduce yourself and things you’d like to share, or
  • Present a topic related to something you are very into
  • Share a value, something you believe in and hold near and dear to your heart.

4. Collect some content for your Glogster

  • An image
  • A video (should be very short ~ 1min linked or uploaded)
  • Text
  • Audio (music or voice)

5. Create your Glogster to include all of the elements above
6. Save your Glogster and copy the URL
7. Post your link on this page

Performance Checklist for the Glogster

  • Includes at least one image (2 points)
  • Includes at least one video (linked or uploaded) (5 points)
  • Contains a text message that conveys meaning and import (5 points)
  • Contains audio (5 points)
  • Achieves the objectives of self-introduction, presenting a curricular topic, or sharing a value or belief (3 points)