• Digital Media & Arts Academy

    The Academy of Digital and Media Arts is designed for students who have an interest in art, digital design and computers.  Many of the academy electives are UC approved and includes computer and software skills.  Classes include Drawing and Painting, Computer Animation, Photography, Video Game Design*, Web and Video production. During the Freshman and Sophomore years students participate in academy foundation classes.

    In The Art of Digital Design class students learn the foundations of graphic design on state-of-the-art computer.  21st Century job skills are an important part of the learning process in class as students learn to create a broad range of projects for both print and digital media.
      In the Drawing and Painting course students learn how to think creatively and use art principles to explore the world of design. 

    In the academy, students will have the opportunity to visit professional studios, art galleries and colleges.  Students will work in teams to develop their interpersonal skills and learn what the expectations are in the college and business environments.  Students also have the opportunity to display their work in art shows and be mentored by college and industry professionals.  Several of the academy courses offer the opportunity for college credit and/or ROP certification.
    Robot Animation on Computer Degital Media Studio