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    The TEACH Academy at Century High School is a school within a school program for sophomores, juniors and seniors who are interested in careers in teaching. The program is a recognized California Partnership Academy and serves the students of the Santa Ana Unified School District.

    The mission of the program is to develop a strong foundation for college bound students who are interested in becoming educators and role models in their community.

     Students in the program will progress through an integrated curricular path with a focus on elementary, middle and secondary teaching careers. Students who successfully complete the three-year pathway will have earned 15 units of articulated credit through Santa Ana College.

     During the Sophomore year, students take the Careers in Education course where they are exposed to a strong integrated curriculum with educationally themed assignments, introductions to skills in desktop publishing, parent correspondence, multimedia presentations , beginning lesson planning and beginning teaching experiences at local elementary schools. Students also conduct community service projects and have the opportunity to begin visiting a number of our local colleges and universities to explore the "college experience".

     In the Junior year, students take the Professional Internship Course where they are placed into job shadowing assignments and teaching internships as tutors and aides during the school year. The juniors tutor at our feeder elementary school, Madison Elementary,  in Santa Ana. Their tutoring occurs on Tuesdays-Fridays throughout the school year. The juniors are also exposed to more in depth lesson planning techniques and educational pedagogy. Students also conduct service-learning projects and continue visiting a number of our local colleges and universities to explore the "college experience".

     In the Senior year, students are required to take Child Development where they learn how children grow and develop intellectually, emotionally, and physically. This course  is UC approved and serves as their “g” elective.  Our seniors also facilitate our P.A.L.S. (Partnership Academy Literacy Support) program. Our senior TEACH students partner with our Special Education students 2 days per week. During these lessons, TEACH students lead and assist the SPED students during their P.E. class. Through this partnership known as the "Buddies Program," our TEACH seniors are learning how to lead all types of students and what it means to truly be an inclusive educator. During the Senior year, much focus is also placed on college entrance and developing a portfolio of work that they can carry into their career. Emphasis is placed on applying for scholarships and college acceptance.

    Upon graduation, students are assigned to college and university staff who serve as mentors. These mentors are comprised of professors, counselors, deans, and university presidents. The personal guidance given to our graduates continues through their college career and into graduate school as they pursue a teaching credential. TEACH graduates are making their presence felt in various school districts as teachers and counselors. We are excited for the future and for the impact the TEACH Academy is having on education in California generally, and Santa Ana specifically.