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    TEACHER NAME:  Sam Pham
     Telephone: (714)568-7000 
    Department:  Career Technical Education (CTE)
    Subject: ESPORTS

    Period 1 - ESPORTS 1
    Period 2 - ESPORTS 1
    Period 3 - Prep Period
    Period 4 - CTE Advisory Period
    Period 5 - ESPORTS 1
    Period 6 - ESPORTS 1

    Century's ESPORTS room
    Main Focus of ESPORTS Class:
    • Prepare students for college & build technical, real world skills for in-demand careers
    • Design & Visual Media Arts: Students will gain hands-on experience with live-broadcasting, graphic design, videography, and photography.
    • Information Technology: Students will gain troubleshooting skills, work on building certification for Microsoft programs.
    Course Description:
    To better meet the needs of the current labor market and to prepare for the workforce of the future, students mustgraduate with strong academic, technical and real-world skills. Research and current practice indicate there isn’t aone-size-fits-all postsecondary path for every high school student, so it is critical for them to be prepared for successon whatever path they take after graduating whether they enter the workforce, join the military, or continue their education.

    Esports has grown as a worldwide cultural phenomenon, expanding to more than just players and spectators to
    include an infrastructure of organizers, strategists, content creators, and entrepreneurs. As esports grows in popularity and acceptance, educators have looked to connect the skills developed in esports withcollege and career opportunities.