Century High School

     Mr. Daniel Echeverria    Room #5214



    Dear Geometry Student,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of geometry. I hope you find this class interesting and use this opportunity to increase your knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for shapes, symmetry, graphing, and solving challenging problems. 

    I expect every single one of you to come ready to learn, have your supplies ready, sharpen your pencils before the lesson begins, and be on time.


    ·         Math notebook

    ·         Pencil (mechanical pencil recommended)

    ·         Student agenda

    ·         Willingness to WORK

    Classroom Rules:

    ·         Be respectful (Yourself, Others, School Property)

    ·         Be on time to class

    ·         Come prepared (see supplies)

    ·         Only water is allowed in the classroom (gum and food not permitted)


    ·         Notes/classwork                            25%

    ·         Homework                                    25%

    ·         Quizzes/Tests/Final Exam               25%

    ·         Participation                                  25%