Century High School

     Mr. Daniel Echeverria    Room #5214



    Dear Algebra 1 Student,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of mathematics. I hope you find this class interesting and use this opportunity to increase your knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for the subject.  This class will introduce the concepts of graphing, solving linear equations. variables, and solutions. 

    I expect every single one of you to come ready to learn, have your supplies ready, sharpen your pencils before the lesson begins, and be on time.


    ·         Math notebook

    ·         Pencil (mechanical pencil recommended)

    ·         Student agenda

    ·         Willingness to WORK

    Classroom Rules:

    ·         Be respectful (Yourself, Others, School Property)

    ·         Be on time to class

    ·         Come prepared (see supplies)

    ·         Only water is allowed in the classroom (gum and food not permitted)


    ·         Assignments/classwork               30%

    ·     Participation /Attendance                30%

    ·     Quizzes                                     20%

    ·     Tests                                          20%