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     Mrs. Jeanne Rodebaugh
    Century (714) 568-7000 
    Department: English

    Schedule                             room 326

    Period 1 prep.

    Period 2 AVID 10

    Period 3 TEACH Academy English 5-6

    Period 4 1st semester: English 101/ 2nd semester: English 103

    Period 5 release period

    Period 6 release period
    Century Book Club: All students are welcome at all times!  We meet after school the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month, after school in 326. ANY Student may stop by and quietly borrow an exciting book club book, Academy or class library book at any time without attending our meetings. The checkout is on the honor system: No formally signed check-out sheet, simply return book(s) when finished.  I trust you.
    Students read a book of at least 100-150 pages (or more) every 3-4 weeks, then present it to their group.  This is a large part of the class grade.  A student may fail this class if at home reading is not done and reported on.
          Independent Reading books will be due:
                      first semester
                          1. 100 pages 8/26
                   2. 150 pages 9/16
                   3. 150 pages 10/7
                   4. 150 pages 10/28
                   5. 150 pages 11/25
                   6. 100 pages 12/14
                second semester
    Students are given an update of their grades every 2 or 3 weeks.  I do accept late work from AVID students and Teach English students(for a lower grade) until the end of each six week period as per the English department policy. I do not accept late work in English 101/103 per SAC grading policy, but I drop the lowest essay grade each semester, not counting the research paper. Parents and students can check assignments and grades at any time using your own password given through the Century Parent Center.
    AVID-We will be using the AVID curriculum. 
    This utilizes WICOR strategies: Writing
    *Monthly grade checks go home to parents for signatures, so be looking for those.                
    English 101, and English 103-See syllabus on GoogleClassroom
    COMMITMENT--Students will commit to being prepared and on time.
       Be ready to work before the bell rings.
       Plan ahead to bring materials to class every day.
    HONOR--Students will honor school & teacher policies and rules.
       Treat everyone with respect.
       Behave in a way that will help everyone learn.
    SUCCESS--Students will exhibit success by actively engaging in the learning process each day.
        Listen politely.
        Think problems/concepts through.
        Solve problems quietly.
    No: food, drinks, gum, Sharpies, phone charging, hats, cheating, electronics--unless specifically directed to use them for help on specific assignments or reading novels.