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     Contact information:

    Amber Nong, M.Ed
    Century High School -Room 5212
    1401 S. Grand Avenue
    Santa Ana, CA 92705
    Phone: 714-568-7000 x 67482
    [please do not leave a voice message] 
    Tutoring is during class or as listed on the syllabus.  I'm also always happy to talk with you outside of office hours by appoinment:
           Before school     -  By appointment 7:15 - 7:45 am
           After school       -  NAC, Centurion Club in our school library, other options are agreed/posted in class when avail.
           Online Learning -  Office Hours will be listed in Canvas-Google Classroom, please email for a Google Meet [Zoom optional].
    Schedule 2021-2022
    Period 1 Geometry 
    Period 2 Conference 
    Period 3 Geometry
    Period 4 Algebra 1
    Period 5 Geometry
    Period 6 Geometry
    **Students from yr 2018-19 with Math projects [before we left due to Covid] please come by Ms. Nong's Room 5212 to pick up your project(s) we posted in class before it gets cleared away.  All projects from our classroom's windows were taken down by the custodian staff for room cleaning so if you want it back then come get it back as soon as possible or by the date listed: Monday 8/16 to - 8/30/2021
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