• The Day I Was Born


    Everyone knows how old they are in years, but do you know how old you are in days? Do you know what was happening in the world on the day you were born? Who was the president of the United States? What type of music was popular and who was singing it? What movies were everyone waiting in line to see? How much did it cost to mail a letter? This lesson will take you on a journey through the Internet to find the answers to these and many other questions. You are unique and so was the world on the day you were born.

    This is your unique story. It is your job to gather the facts as they pertain to the day you were born and share the information with your classmates.

    Student Objectives

    • Student will be able to create a Google Slides Presentation using information that they researched about themselves.



    • CI.2- Create an original project using a variety of media to present information to an audience.
    • RI.1- Use a variety of resources to locate information.
    • DC.1- Provide accurate citations when referencing information sources.  



    You will be creating a 10 slide Google Slide Presentation all about you!  It is important to read all the instructions for each step and use the links provided to find your information.  As you research your information, add it to your presentation. Don't forget to beautify your presentation as creativity is key!  ** ALL Slides MUST have creative & colorful text  (using Cool Text3D-Text Maker or Flaming Text Maker  are excellent resources), a background and/or image, animations (Right Click -> Animation) & a transition (you can apply the same transition to all slides).
        ** IMPORTANT NOTE:  You will need to properly document your sources for pictures and information that you gather for this presentation.  You will document your sources on your last slide, called "Bibliography."  As you gather your information and pictures, copy the website address (URL) and paste it on the slide.  This way you will keep a running list of sources and will not have to go back when you are finished to search for the source information.

    Process & Resources


    Before You Start:
                   You will create a Time Capsule page and print it out from the website listed below.  This page will be used in many of the following steps. 


    CLICK HERE -> Time Capsule (Be sure to click on Quick Page)


    Slide 1:  "Title Slide"
          The first slide will be your title slide.  On this slide you should include a title, your first and last name, and your birthday (month, day, and year). Feel free to use Word Art to add some pizzaz to your presentation. You will also need to insert pictures onto your slide show. Baby pictures and/or current pictures of yourself would be great to see within your presentation. To add pictures of yourself, you will need to save a picture of yourself to your flash drive or email yourself or me the pictures you wish to use in your presentation. 


    Slide 2:  “I’m how many DAYS old?”

        In this step, you will find out how old you are in days.  Click the link below and follow the directions on the screen.  You DO NOT need to know the hours and minutes.

    Click Here ->  Days Old


    Slide 3:  “The Phases of the Moon.”

    ~The moon is always changing.  It has many phases.  Use this site to find out what phase the moon was in the day you were born.  Copy and paste your moon's image onto your moon slide.

    Click Here -> Mr. Moon

    ~Now that you know what the moon looked like when you were born, visit this next site to find out the name of the phase.

    Click Here -> Moon’s Phase Names


     Slide 4:  “Hey!  What’s on TV?”


    Since the invention of the Television many shows have aired for a long time; yet others have aired only one or two episodes.  Using your Time Capsule page and also Google, tell us a little about a popular TV show that aired in the year you were born.  Make sure you use YOUR OWN WORDS!  Also add a picture of your show - use the internet to find one!


    Slide 5:  “Here's some more News"

        On the day you were born, lots of things were happening, and things were somewhat different than they are today.  Use your Time Capsule page to tell us the following information. 

    ~the top news headlines for that day
    ~a top book (find a picture of the cover of your book online)
    ~the price of a postage stamp
    ~the price of gas
    ~the president and vice president (also need a picture of these.)


    Slide 6:  “Famous Person Who Shares My Birthday”

    Using the link below, find a person who was born on the same DAY as you

    (not the same year).   After you find a person, find 5 facts about him/her using Google.  You will also need a picture of the person.          


            Who Shares My Birthday?



    Slide 7:  “MUSIC!"

    Music is so popular these days... people take it everywhere with them!  Use the link below to find 3 songs that were popular on the day you were born.  Then use Google to find pictures of the musician/artist who sang the songs.


                   Bill Board's #1 Songs (click on Hot 100 Era)


    Slide 8-Your Toys

    Visit this website or research Google to find out about three toys that were popular the year you were born. Don't forget to add pictures of these toys too.


    Slide 9: Ending Slide

        Create an ending slide that concludes your show.  Add Credits. Thank your audience for watching!



    Slide 10: Bibliography 

            On this slide, document where you found your pictures and other information (the URL's of the sites used)


    Text Maker  are excellent resources), a background and/or image, animations (Right Click -> Animation) & a transition (you

     can apply the same transition to all slides).