• String Art project:
                        -Words: Math, Merry, Happy, Honor, Change, Amaze, Alert, Alive, Aware, Focus, Glory, Learn, Faith, Loyal, Destiny, Commitment, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Pride, Smart, Study, Style, Success, Teach, Thanks, Worth it, Name is ok. 
                        -Drawing print out provided OR self-created, theme available Halloween , Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas... game or favorite cartoons or charactors.
                        -How to do: watch videos video 1 + video 2 + video 3   
    string art alphabet
    ***Use Clothespin or plier to hold nails - tap gently & work with adult supervision.  ***Alternative: traditional test per request.  

    Objective: String art is a technique that uses geometry to create colorful and interesting designs. The designs may be recognizable objects or abstract images that are based off a simple shape. In this project you [and partners - optional] will design and construct a mathematical string art picture.

    Standard: Modeling with Geometry

    • Apply geometric concepts in real life. Think of all Geometry vocabulary words and concepts such as reflection, rotation, translation, symmetry, various angles, lines, and/or polygons

    GRADING RUBRIC: 30 Points +EC Possible

    (10) Creativity - Intricacy

    (10) Use of Color - Aesthetics

    (10) Had all Materials on time AND completed the at home requirements

    Materials: wood boards, embroidery threads, nails, hammer, plier

    Vocabulary words from videos: Focal Point Design , Negative Space Design , Clockwise , CounterClockwise, Symmetry or Symmetrical

    More mathematical concepts or words to think of: Patterns, Various shapes, Reflection, Rotation, Translation...