• Make up credits for your missing work assignments
    ++ 4 points proof req. from UCI math workshop every Tuesday after-school  
    *Follow ALL steps to get credits for work listed below:*
     ++ 30 points " 5.44 Multiplying Polynomials " ++
     ++ 40 points "5.5 Practice - Multiply Polynomials"  ++
    ++ 20 points "Factor out the GCF"  ++
     ++ 40 points "6.44 Factor with all methods"  ++
     ++ 25 points "7.44 Factor and Solve Quadrartics"  ++
    ++ 20 points "Solve and Graph Inequalities"  ++
    1. Show all work on paper(s)
    2. Log your answers on the Google Form & write SCORE down on the paper(s)
    3. Turn in your papers with written score & check Aerie grade. 
    Note for students: Print out of these assignments can be made at our school Library or the Higher Ed Center.  You may choose to write it on papers instead of printing it out.
    Note for teacher: File source "Algebra make-up math credits SpringSem2.doc"
    For use before Year 2019 _ Geometry students only:
    Semester 1 Assignments and Google Form answer-links are posted in your Google Classroom
    -Print out questions in the library/career center.. [optional] work part 1-4 click here to print
    Part 1_[green]_ Angles in // lines cut by a Transversal do in your notebook
    Part 2_[purple]_ Angles formed from // lines cut by a Transversal do in your notebook but use 
               Google Form answer-link in Google Class on 11/08 to log your answers or click here
    Part 3_[blue]_ Triangle Sum Theorem do in your notebook & use Google Form answer-link to input answer Google Class on 10/26
    Part 4_[orange]_ Triangle Inequality Theorem do in your notebook & use Google Form answer-link to input answer Google Class on TBA


    Note: show ALL work in your notebook then log answers on Google Form for part 2 - 4 [tell Ms. Nong when done to get your score for Aerie grades]