• Semester 1 Assignments and Google Form answer-links are posted in your Google Classroom
    -Print out questions in the library/career center.. [optional] work part 1-4 click here to print
    Part 1_[green]_ Angles in // lines cut by a Transversal do in your notebook
    Part 2_[purple]_ Angles formed from // lines cut by a Transversal do in your notebook but use 
               Google Form answer-link in Google Class on 11/08 to log your answers or click here
    Part 3_[blue]_ Triangle Sum Theorem do in your notebook & use Google Form answer-link to input answer Google Class on 10/26
    Part 4_[orange]_ Triangle Inequality Theorem do in your notebook & use Google Form answer-link to input answer Google Class on TBA


    Note: show ALL work in your notebook then log answers on Google Form for part 2 - 4 [tell Ms. Nong when done to get your score for Aerie grades]