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    To help prepare Century High School students for college and careers of the future, Century has two new Academies. The Digital Media and Arts Academy integrates 21st Century skills into student's standard based core curriculum using Art and Digital Media themes. The Engineering Design Academy will help develop student's academic skills in engineering and science while they develop their technical skills to better prepare students for 21st Century careers and jobs. Century offers Engineering courses in Biotechnology and Introduction to Engineering using Project Lead the Way Curriculum. As part of Century's Academy Exploration Class, we are using Paxton Patterson Careers Plus Lab as a foundation. This class introduces students to 7 different areas: Robotics and Automation, Materials Science, Alternative Energy, Environmental Technology, Architecture and Construction.   slide show
    To find out more about our Academies, click on the logos above.
     To learn more see the course syllabus
     Our STEAM Program includes Field trips and activities that inspire creativity.
    Students at the TED conference
    Century's Engineering Design Academy is a National Academy Foundation Academy.  Century was awarded the 2012 NAF Kelly Services grant for a project to help develop freshman computer skills and motivate students in the Engineering and Design Academy. Click to view details of the project.
     MOUSE Squad is another program at Century. In this ThinkTogether  after school program students learn about computers and software. They share their new skill set with teacher and staff by helping with computer problems.  Check out photos and details here.  Learn more about this the MOUSE Squad.