• Description of TV Broadcast class


    The TV Broadcast class has a large responsibility to the school.  The broadcasts that this class creates need to include all sorts of information about various school functions and policies, events that are yet to occur and video footage from events that have already occurred.


    When you join this class, you sign up for action.  Our broadcasts are aired live, not taped.  There are very few schools that even attempt to do a daily broadcast, let alone doing it live every day.  The Inside Scoop was the first version of the live broadcast, and there were exactly 2,416 Inside Scoop live broadcasts that dated from September 23, 2004 to the pandemic shutdown date of March 13, 2020. 


    Currently, the broadcast continues in the form of PASSING PERIOD, a live broadcast that is streamed in every second period class daily.


    Each broadcast has about 10 people on the crew.  All jobs from production assistant to director are all student positions.  Everybody in the class will eventually run every crew position during a broadcast.  The only position that is not required of everyone is the news anchor position announcing the news during the broadcast.  That position is auditioned and filled with the top readers from the class.  While the anchor position is the one that the school sees the most, every position is essential for a good broadcast.  It’s definitely a team effort every morning.


    Do you want to be a part of that action?  If yes… then join the TV Broadcast class.  You won’t regret it.