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    Jennifer Yaeger-Arroyo
    RM 5115 and 412 



    TEACHER NAME:  Mrs. Jennifer Yaeger-Arroyo
    Department:  Social Science
    Room 5115

    Period 0: ASB/Leadership
    Period 1:   Government
    Period 4:  ASB/Leadership
     Period 5:   Government
    Syllabus/Course Outline: 


    American Government/Economics

    Mrs. Yaeger-Arroyo

    Course Description: 

    In this course, students apply knowledge gained in previous years of study to pursue a deeper understanding of the institutions of American Government. In addition, they draw on their studies of world, American history, geography, and other societies to compare differences and similarities in world governmental systems today. This course is the culmination of history/social sciences classes to prepare students to solve society’s problems, to understand and to participate in the governmental process, and to be a responsible citizen of the United States and the world.  Economics is the study of scarcity and choices.  Additionally, there will be a one-month unit about the stock market. By the end of this course you should be better able to examine the choices of yourself and others.


    Textbook and Necessary Materials:

    American Government / Economics: Principles in Action, Prentice Hall

    -one section of a binder

    -filler paper




    **All students must have these materials daily.  These supplies are required by Friday.  After this, points will be deducted from your grade.


    Assessments and Grading:


    Final - 20%                                                                  100-90%          A

    Tests and Quizzes - 35%                                               89.9-80%          B

    Class Participation/Tardiness- 5%                                 79.9-70%          C

    Classwork - 15%                                                            69.9-60%          D

    Homework - 10%                                                         59 and below   F

    Essays/Projects - 15%


    Class Rules:

    1. Always follow directions
    2. Come prepared with required materials
    3. Respect everyone
    4. Remain in your seat, unless excused

    **Additionally all school rules must be followed at all times in the classroom.  This includes the school policies on cell phones.  No cell phones are permitted unless I say otherwise.





    1st offense       Warning

    2nd offense       Stay after class

    3rd offense        Move seat + action plan

    4th offense        Call to parents

    5th offense        Referral


    My Tardy Policy (without note):

    1-3:  Apologize after quickly and quietly taking a seat

    4+: 30 min detention and call home

    8+:  1 hr detention

    12+:  Referral






    **Cheating of any kind is not acceptable and will be dealt with harshly.  The first offense will lead to a zero for all students involved and a warning.  Any subsequent offense will be dealt with by the office.          


    Music Policy:

    You may never listen to music during lectures and group work.  If you are caught listening even in just one ear during those times, your head phones will be taken until the end of the period without warning.  If it becomes a habitual problem, I will keep them until the end of the day.  The only time that you may listen to music is when there is a test or quiz.    


    Late/Make-up Work Policy:

    Late work may always be completed for full credit if you have an excused absence.  When you return, it is your responsibility to find out what you have missed.  Learning about and completing late work is your responsibility, not mine.  Late work must be turned in before a test or quiz on that material, after that it will not be accepted.  All tests and quizzes can be made up any time within the semester.  This cannot be done during class time; you may make up tests and quizzes before or after school on an agreed upon day.


    Assistance and Communication:

    I am on campus before school and after school nearly every day and will be more than happy to help you.  If you have any questions or need to collect make up work, this would be the time to do so.  To ensure that I can devote my full attention to you at that time, talk to me ahead so that we can schedule a time.  If you need to contact me outside of school, my email address is Jennifer.Yaeger@sausdlearns.net.  I should usually be able to reply within twenty-four hours.  If you need additional assistance, please contact me as soon as possible.  You all are capable of passing this class if you put in the effort.






    Century ASB Syllabus


    Jennifer Yaeger-Arroyo



    Only to be used between  the hours of 6:30-5pm on weekdays, 9:00-5pm on weekends



    Classroom Locations

    412, 5115

    Grading Scale

    90-100% = A

    80-89% = B

    70-79% = C

    60-69% = D

    59%-below = F

    Course Overview

    ASB Leadership students work together to serve the school, to build relationships on campus, and to create experiences for other students on campus so that more relationships can be created. We want the students on campus to know that they are supported and appreciated. To achieve this, we must take risks, step out of our comfort zones, and push ourselves. From the risks we take we can receive adventure and/or growth. Both growth and adventure is what leaders always need to progress in their personal betterment.

    Conduct Requirements:  You represent ASB and our school as a whole. With that, we expect that you’re a role model for other students, that you’re encouraging to them, and make an effort to make this campus better for those behind you.


    Productivity/Employability- (projects & daily tasks)- 25%

    Positive & Professional Behaviors (Soft Skills)- 25%

    Event and Workday Attendance- 25%

    WE (Weekly Event) Days - 25%

    Requirements and Communication

    Ÿ You are required to buy an ASB Card as an ASB Member.  The deadline for this is the second Friday of the year.

    Ÿ If you are unable to attend an event you should tell me in advance.  If you have a question about a grade, this needs to be handled through email.

    Ÿ Only 4 opportunities for extra credit will be offered each semester.  This will be your chance to regain any points from missing a required event.

    Ÿ If you reach 5 tardies/truancies in a semester, you will be placed on probation and may be removed from ASB.  If you hold a position, you will be removed from the position after 3 tardies/truancies.





    Employability skills are those traits that are looked upon favorably by an employer: positive attitude, neat appearance, good work habits, etc. This course will help you develop these traits so that you will be better prepared for college or a career. Therefore, a percentage of your grade will be based on employability skills.

    Each student will receive 100 pts at the beginning of each week.

    Decreasing points: the following traits will reduce your employability grade during the week:

    • Tardy/ late for class                                                                                         10 points
    • Quit work early                                                                                                   5 points
    • Off task                                                                                                               5 points
    • Not cleaning up workstation (food, paper, trash, etc.)                                        5 points
    • Inappropriate behavior                                                                                     5-15 points
    • Leaving class without permission                                                                       10 points
    • Being asked to leave class by instructor due to behavior                                  20 points




    Positive & Professional Behavior


    Students in this class are school leaders and represent Century High School both on and off campus. Students are considered leaders and role models and will strive to be a positive influence on those around them by holding themselves to the highest standards of conduct and attitude. Additionally students will positively represent the ideas of ASB and the school.  This includes following school rules and participating in all Spirit Weeks. If you do not have clothes for the spirit day, then you may wear Century gear to receive credit.



    Event and Workday Attendance


    Students in this class are expected to attend all ASB decided upon school events.  These include, but are not limited to community service events, dances, Back to School Night, Open House, and workdays.  The workdays will be on Saturdays before very large events, such as assemblies.




    WE Days


    The ASB students will choose one event each week that students will all attend as a group.  This may be a sports event, a dance, or a performance.



    Return to advisor by ______________



    Student Code of Conduct and Contract

    Please detach this page and return it to the instructor

    Date: __________________________

    Student Name: ___________________________ Parent Phone: ______________________

    Email address: ___________________________ Cell Phone: ________________________


    ON CAMPUS- I will be a leader and will set an example

    • Be positive and respectful to all students, teachers, staff, and visitors
    • Follow the dress code and school rules at all times
    • Set an example. Use appropriate language and keep the campus clean
    • Listen attentively when someone is making suggestions and sharing ideas
    • Work cooperatively and with others to make students feel connected and welcome


    OFF CAMPUS- I will reflect the school and make a positive impression

    • Use professional vocabulary and behaviors; you never know if the person you are talking to might be your next employer
    • Watch and listen for community opportunities to become involved in
    • Take advantage of public speaking opportunities to promote and market
    • Make choices that will represent leadership character at all times


    IN CLASS- I will demonstrate behaviors consistent with a business environment

    • Be here! Full attention will be given to the members of the team. Cell phones away, please
    • Actively participate in the class meetings
    • Keep a calendar of ASB scheduled events and duties
    • Participate in activities and events, committees, job duties and planning
    • Keep work area clean and organized
    • Being in leadership affords students with a certain amount of freedom. Do not abuse this privilege!


    As an ASB officer or club officer I have read and understand the requirements for the Leadership class and will abide by the Code of Conduct.


    _____________________________________ ____________________

    Student Signature                                             Date


    As the parent/guardian of the above mentioned student, I have read and understand the attached syllabus and Code of Conduct and I will support him/her in this leadership role.


    _____________________________________     ____________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature                                           Date