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    The Program

    Our Story: 
    The e-Business academy has its roots in the early 90's where a group of teacher began a collaborative small learning community focused on business.  The "Business Block" which it was originally called,  had grade level classes at the junior and senior levels that did integrated projects between mathematics, English and business.  The program with no budget until 2000, when it was awarded a California Partnership Academy grant.  At that point the name was changed to reflect the digital revolution of electronic business and e-commerce to the e-Business Academy.  The grant award brought consistent funding into the academy program and allowed it to grow to the largest academy program on our school campus. The program currently is running two cohorts at the sophomore, junior and senior level and has evolved into a entrepreneur themed program with the main focus developed around Virtual Enterprises International.

    To develop a strong business/technology based program that meets the needs of the 21st century global e-commerce market while preparing students for college and to compete for meaningful careers in today's challenging multi-diversified environment

    The e-Business Academy provides relevant project-based activities with rigorous academics for student through an integrated core and business/technology structured curriculum that promotes independent learning through problem solving, communications and interpersonal skills.
     Class of 2017  
    What We Do:
    The e-Business Academy is an integrated curriculum involving 4 blocked (all students will be in all classes together) academy classes. The classes consist of 3 academic courses (College Prep English, Social Studies, History and Math) and 1 career technical course (e-Business Applications). The focus of the sophomore year is the introduction to business and e-business concepts. An emphasis is placed on the development of business documents, spreadsheets, internet technologies, email, web page design, personal email, and desktop publishing. During the program, the students will be introduced to Microsoft Word, Excel, InDesign and web publishing software. They will develop the concept designs for the business and will eventually lead to the creation of a virtual business. In the Junior year students take their ideas and develop their own new virtual business and work as entrepreneurs in a new start up company. In the senior year student continue their business concept while focusing on competing in business competitions around the state and nation. As an overriding theme to the program, is entrepreneurial as students will work in teams designing businesses
    For more detailed information about the program and curriculum, visit our directors home page (click here )
    Alan Gersten - Project Director
    e-Business Academy