• The Early College Program at Century High School is designed to

    offer high school students the opportunity to earn an Associate

    Degree through Santa Ana College (SAC), while completing their high

    school requirements. 

    Offer letters will be sent to qualifying 8th grade students in March of 2023.


    Qualifications include: 

    -3.0 or higher GPA

    -MAP score of 200+


    Offer letters will include dates for the following meetings:

    -Program Overview Parent Meeting 

    -Acceptance Deadline 

    -SAC Registration for Summer classes


    The Early College program takes dedication and perseverance. Our program is a

    4-year commitment, so please make careful considerations when applying. 


    Early College Program Overview- Century 


    If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the Coordinator

    of Early College/Flex programs,


    Dr. Cristina Ridgeley-Mones

    (714) 568-7015


    Current Early College Students

    Important Annual Dates 


    Fall Registration 2022


    Special Admit Students (concurrent K-12)​

    May 10 - August 21, 2022


    Spring Registration 2023


    Special Admit Students (concurrent K-12)​

    Nov. 17, 2022 - Feb. 5, 2023​


    Withdrawing from class

    Students who cannot continue in a course have an obligation to withdraw

    officially. Students are encouraged to consult with instructors concerning

    class withdrawals. 


    Students must officially withdraw by the web through the last day of the

    12th week of instruction (or 75 percent of a term, whichever is less) and

    receive a transcript symbol of "W". 


    All instructor-initiated drops "EA's" (Excessive Absence ) through the 12th

    week or 75 percent of the class, whichever is less, will be assigned a "W". 


    The academic record of a student who remains in a class beyond the time

    allowed by district policy must reflect a symbol other than a "W", except

    under extenuating circumstances.


    Please STOP and read carefully-


    If you are an Early College student and need to complete the Century Special Admit Form, please click here


    Century Special Admit Form


    If you are taking a different college course, please complete this link


     SAUSD Dual Enrollment Form


    If you have any questions, please contact your counselor for assistance.


    Helpful Links 

    Santa Ana College Web Advisor 

    Please contact your Counselor at Century with any questions.

    Century Counseling Team