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    Department: English
    My Class Schedule 2020-21

    Period 1 ERWC
    Period 2  ERWC
    Period 3  ERWC
    Period 4 ERWC/TEACH
    Period 5 Child Development 107
    Period 6 Conference
    Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC)
    This course focuses on informational text and preparing students for college level course work.  This course has been approved by the Cal State University system and helps students meet the Early Assessment Program.
    In all English classes students should expect to write and prepare for the senior exit portfolio. 

    Child Development 107
    This class is a "dual credit course" that provides high school elective credit and counts for college credit if a student gets a "B" or better for both semesters. 
    Students will learn about child development from birth to adolescence.