• CHS - Dance
    The Century Dance Program is offered to all Century high school students who are interested in learning jazz, ballet, hip-hop and cultural dance.  The instruction provides a variety of learning opportunities in dance in which students learn the language of dance and move into innovative and challenging experiences.  Connections of dance to other curriculum areas expand and enhance the scope of the student’s educational dance experience while at Century High School. 


    All dance classes at Century High School target State Standards and Expected School-wide Learning Results.  Students memorize and perform works of dance, learn dance vocabulary and analyze and evaluate dance performances by writing critiques of pre-recorded dance performances.  These performances include student performances as well as performances of professional dance companies around the world. 


    Students perform in two dance concerts each year.  During the second semester, students learn how to communicate and work cooperatively by creating their own choreography.  Students have the opportunity to audition their dances in front of a panel.  Those who are selected present their finished work in our school theater during the spring dance concert.   


    Dance students at Century strive to meet State Fitness Standards.  Each week students learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle by exercising cardiovascular fitness as well as strength, endurance and flexibility. 




    If you would like more information about our program please call us at (714) 568-7000 extension 67479.