Promoting Positive Student Behavior
    Commitment Honor Success

    Reinforcing positive behavior is a major priority at Century High School.

    Such an approach will enhance the learning environment and will help prevent discipline

    problems from occurring. The following is a list of suggested positive reinforcements:

    Ø Acknowledge good behavior.

    Ø Give of yourself – your time, a smile, verbal praise, and a pat on the back.

    Ø Celebrate student’s successes in learning.

    Ø Complimentary notes or phone calls to parents.

    Ø Special privileges.

    Ø Home follow-through for positive notes or phone calls.


    Parent Contacts

    It is often necessary for teachers to call parents at home or work to communicate academic/discipline concerns.

    Parents appreciate timely notification regarding their child’s progress.

    Please keep records of parent contacts and attempts to contact parents/guardians.

    Parent Square is an excellent vehicle for communicating with parents.

    Progressive Discipline


    Minor infractionsTardy, Class disruptions, Non-suits for P.E., gum, ditching, etc.



    1st—6th  infraction(s)-- Central detention before or after school (notify parent)

    7th infraction(s)—Saturday School (Admin./Parent/Student Conference)

    • 8th —13th infraction(s)— Referral to Outreach  Consultant (Parent Conference & Saturday School)
    • 14th infraction(s)—Refer Student and Parent to:
      the Student Study Team (SST),
      the Student Attendance Review Team (SART) or
      the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) or
      the Pupil Placement Committee (PPC)


    Moderate infraction— Fighting, Use of Profanity, Repeated Insubordination, Truancy, etc.



    1-5 day(s) suspension (Admin./Parent/Student Conference)



    Major infractionsdrug possession, severe fight, major theft, possession of a weapon, extensive graffiti, repeated moderate infractions, etc.



    5 days suspension, recommendation for PPC or Expulsion (Admin./Parent/Student Conference / District Conference).


    Progressive Discipline Plan



                The concept of progressive discipline is based on the premise that misbehavior

    will not be tolerated and will be dealt with firmly, fairly, and consistently, to the extent

    necessary to ensure a safe and positive school environment.  Disciplinary action taken will

    be progressive and accelerated for students who continue to violate school policies.


    Disciplinary Procedures

                Student misbehavior is divided into three categories: Minor,

    Moderate and Major Offenses.




    Ø  Gum Chewing

    Ø  Failure to complete assignments

    Ø  Sleeping in class

    Ø  Minor class disturbance

    Ø  Inappropriate attire worn by students

    Ø  Food or drink in the classroom(s) or building(s)

    Ø  Failure to bring book to class


    Suggested Teacher Classroom Discipline Interventions for minor Offenses

    Ø  Oral reprimand

    Ø  Teacher conference with student

    Ø  Teacher detention

    Ø  A phone call to parent/guardian

    Ø  Parent/student/teacher conference



    Ø  Smoking

    Ø  Being off campus without permission

    Ø  Profanity

    Ø  Truancy

    Ø  Defiance of authority

    Ø  Cheating

    Ø  Class disturbance


    All moderate offenses will be handled by the Assistant Principal with possible

    consequences that are not limited to the following:

    Ø  Parent contact or Parent conference

    Ø  Detention

    Ø  Saturday tutoring program

    Ø  Suspension

    Ø  Send to the Achievement Reinforcement Center (ARC)




    Ø  In possession of or under the influence of narcotics or alcohol

    Ø  Possession of a weapon

    Ø  Fighting

    Ø  Vandalism

    Ø  Graffiti

    Ø  Injury to persons

    Ø  Driving recklessly on campus

    Ø  Progressive disregard for appropriate conduct while in school

    Ø  Habitual profanity

    Ø  Theft

    Ø  Aggressive/threatening behavior






    These major offenses will not be tolerated. Either an assistant principal or the principal will handle all of these offenses with consequences not limited to the following:

    Ø  Privileges being revoked

    Ø  send to the Achievement Reinforcement Center (ARC)

    Ø  Suspension or Expulsion


    The following are reasons to refer a student to the:


    Counselor’s Office:

    Ø  Attendance problems

    Ø  Lack of academic preparedness

    Ø  Minor classroom disturbances

    Ø  Failure to work in class

    Ø  Inappropriate placement

    Ø  Students dealing with personal problems

    Ø  Maladjustment to the classroom environment

    Ø  Suspected emotional disturbance

    Ø  PE non-suit


    Assistant Principal’s Office:

    Ø  All Moderate Offenses

    Ø  All Major Offenses


    Health Office:                       

    Ø  Vision/hearing testing

    Ø  Students who are feeling ill (a note from the teacher must be sent)

    Ø  Students needing to update immunization records

    Ø  Health, personal, hygiene problems


    Campus Regulations


    Closed Campus

                During the school day, including the lunch period, all students are to remain on

    campus.  No lunch passes will be issued to students desiring to go off campus for lunch.


    Assembly Conduct

                Conduct regulations apply in assemblies just as they do in the classrooms.


    Bicycles, Skateboards and Skates

                All bicycles are to be locked in the bike rack upon arrival at school.  The bike compound is off limits to students except when arriving at or leaving the campus.  Bikes, skateboards and skates are never to be used in the quad area, the athletic fields, the blacktop, and basketball courts.  Additionally, bicycles are not be left in the bike compound after 5:00 p.m.  Additionally, students bring these items to school at their own risk and are solely responsible for their safe keeping.


    School Activities Guidelines

                All Century students and guests must follow school rules of conduct at all school sponsored events.


    General Campus Conduct

                One of the major purposes of education is to develop within students the art of self-control, respect and consideration of other people.  Therefore:

    Ø  Students are not to loiter in the halls, restrooms or quad area during passing

    periods or lunch periods.

    Ø  Amorous behavior is unacceptable on Century campus.

    Ø  Students must behave appropriately on the way to and from school.


    Saturday School


                This program is on Saturday mornings throughout the year between the hours of

    8:00 a.m. thru 12:00 noon.  It is designed as an alternative to suspension.  The following

    behaviors could warrant assignment to the program by an Assistant Principal.

    Ø  Continual classroom behavioral problems

    Ø  Forged notes

    Ø  Missing assigned detentions

    Ø  Throwing food and/or littering campus

    Ø  Vandalism (minor writing on walls/graffiti)

    Ø  Unresolved attendance and tardy problems.

    Ø  If a student fails to report for the Saturday School Program, he/she may be suspended the following Monday or sent to the Achievement Reinforcement Center (ARC).


    Teacher Initiated Suspension


                A teacher may suspend a pupil from his or her class for any acts enumerated in Appendix A, paragraphed 5.0 of BP 5131, for the day of the suspension and the day following.  The teacher shall immediately report the suspension to the principal or assistant principal and send the student to the appropriate assistant principal’s office.  If that action requires the continued presence of the student at the school, the student shall be under appropriate supervision as determined by the assistant principal.  As soon as possible after a teacher suspension, the teacher shall ask the parent or guardian to attend a conference.  Whenever practicable, a counselor shall



    attend the conference.  An administrator shall attend the conference if the teacher or parent/guardian requests.  A Teacher initiated Suspension Form must be filled out by the teacher and submitted to the assistant principal.  A student shall not be returned to the class from which he or she was suspended during the period of the suspension without the concurrence of the teacher of the class and the assistant principal.




                Expulsion of pupils for disciplinary reasons can be ordered only by the Board of

    Education for acts enumerated in Board policy 5131.  The principal shall recommend a pupil’s

                expulsion for any of the following acts:

    Ø  Causing serious physical injury to another person, except in self-


    Ø  Possession of any firearm, knife, explosive, or other dangerous

    object of no reasonable use to the pupil at a school or at a school

    activity off school grounds. 

    Ø  Unlawful sale, use or possession of drug paraphernalia (pipes, etc.)

    or any controlled substances as defined in section 11007 of the

    Health and Safety Code.


    Teachers Progressive Discipline Plan


    No later than the end of the first week of instruction of both semesters, each teacher should review  their class discipline plan with their students. This plan should include a progression of consequences for classroom rule violations.

                            To maintain necessary discipline, teachers are authorized by policy (BP 5131,

                Article 6.5.s) to take certain action, up to and including suspension of students from their

                classroom.  Referrals to the counselor/assistant principal’s office must be included as a step

                in the written discipline plan.


                            An effective and positive program of discipline is necessary for appropriate

                            student conduct.  All staffs should create an atmosphere that will develop

                            desirable qualities of self-discipline and student responsibility.  It is important for the

                            teachers to work with students and parents to achieve this goal. High standards and

                            consistent reinforcement regarding student conduct must be maintained by all the staff