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    Social Science
    Room 5109
    Class Schedule

    Period 1           American Government/Economics 12  

    Period 2           American Government/Economics 12  

    Period 3           Conference  

    Period 4           World History 10  

    Period 5           American Government/Economics 12

    Period 6           World History 10

    Course Descriptions

    American Government is a one-semester long, obligatory class for high school graduation.  It covers part of the UC/CSU A-G entry requirement.  The curriculum stresses the U.S. Constitution, and principles of democracy, rights and obligations in American civil society especially as these topics create tensions. Relevant court decisions are discussed to underline various issues.  The three branches of government, governmental processes, and federalism are reviewed.  The development of democracy is followed and comparison is made to different political systems, current and past.  Political campaigns and the role of the media are evaluated.

    Economics is a one-semester long, obligatory class for high school graduation.  It may be used to cover part of the UC/CSU A-G entry requirement.  The curriculum stresses economic terms, concepts, and reasoning.  The U.S. market economy and its interactions with the world market via international trade are discussed.  The effects of the U.S. Government on the economy are analyzed.  Issues of labor and aggregate behavior are also considered.

    World History is a one-year long, obligatory class for high school graduation.  It covers part of the UC/CSU A-G entry requirement.  The curriculum begins with a review of the origins of US political philosophy.  Afterwards students learn about the spread of the Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, WWs I&II, Totalitarianism, Nation-building, and the Economic and Technological Integration of the contemporary world.


    Class Rules and Policies


    Grading Scale:  +90% = A, 89-80% = B, 79 -70% = C, 69-50% = D, -49% = F.  

    I use AERIES.  There are two categories:  Tests and Work.  Tests are typically summative exercises such as quizzes, but also essays.  Work is everything else.  I typically give full credit for complete assignments where it is evident that a student has attempted the work in good faith.  Incomplete assignments are typically given no credit at all.  Tests use a tighter rubric.

    Attendance will count towards your grade.  You may lose partial or complete credit for attendance for coming late to class, leaving class early, or being inattentive during class.

    I allow for make-up and do-over tests before and after school during announced times.  Pay attention for these opportunities – they will be limited.

    Homework:  It is expected that students will complete most or all of their work in class.  What students can not finish during class is homework. Studying for a quiz can also be considered homework.

    Textbooks:  Government – Magruder’s American Government, Economics – Economics Principles in Action, World History 10 – World History, Culture, & Geography.

    Late Work:  I will accept late work for full credit through the end of each 6 week grading period.  When the class enters a new six week grading period, the opportunity to turn in the prior grading period’s work closes, unless there are extenuating circumstances that I recognize.  A student who needs special help should contact me personally, if COVID or other barrier has prevented this, students should email me and ask for assistance.  Students may also get help from their friends and classmates, in order to make up missing assignments.  Please note that there is no make up for the final exam and once a final grade has been issued, I will not change it unless it can be proven that I have made a clerical error.

    Files:  I keep all tests and work in personal files.  If there is a question about a particular assignment or grade, we can refer to these files.  Students must ask permission to access these files.  A student may only access the file that refers to themselves.

    Office Hours:  I can meet with you parents/guardians by appointment during 3rd period, Monday through Friday.  I can also meet with you by appointment between 3:30 PM and 4:00 PM, Tuesday through Friday.  I may be able to make exceptions for parents upon special request.  If you want an appointment with me, email or call me.


    You will need a working Chromebook.  The textbook is online.  At the beginning of the year students should familiarize themselves with how to access the textbook.  Books will be provided in class, so students will not be required to bring the Chromebook on a daily basis.  You will not be allowed to use the Chromebook in class without permission.

    Your phone might be a handy tool to look up answers on Google or go to Wikipedia occasionally, but please do not play with it in class in general.  Also, do not listen to music in class.

    Discipline:  Everybody makes mistakes.  If you are overly rude or disruptive, I may ask you to come after school for a few minutes.  Please show.  It is not likely to be a big deal.  Avoiding me is a big deal.

    Mistakes:  There are bound to be bureaucratic or clerical errors.  You will make some, so will I.  Stay calm, we can fix most of them.  Let me know during appropriate classroom time or via email, if you think something is amiss.  Be patient.  We’ll get to it.