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    I hope that this site is useful to you.  I will be using this site as a resource for students to use as a part of my classes. Look at the additional pages on the left menu to find the class resources that are most helpful to you. I also run a personal blog and resource site for virtual business teachers. You can visit that site at virtuallyspeaking.biz 

    Check out the following pages:

    Classroom Expectations: This will cover our academy expectations, class rules, policies and procedures, grading scale. If you missed my classroom expectations presentation, you can view it by going to the Class Links page.
    Academy Gamification: This section explores the gamification strategies we use in the sophomore year of the academy program.  We use a gold system to motivates students to achieve and complete work towards mastery.
    Bi-Weekly Department Tasks: This is the comprehensive listing of all tasks for our virtual companies in each task period. The tasks are broken down by department and time periods and the student should be working on the tasks to complete for their department.
    Tasks Matrix: This is the comprehensive listing of support materials as student begin to develop their business. The matrix is organized by department and has a wide variety of resources that students can use to help them as they work through tasks and projects.
    Trade Show Rubrics: This a complete list of competition materials for the various trade shows we attend along with national competition rubrics.
    Company Performance History: This a complete list of competition placing results for all the virtual companies for competitive events. Some of the results have the actual competition materials linked to the name.
    Company Digital Files: This page displays archived student work as it relates to particular companies. Items that get refined will be replaced by the most recent update of that project.

    Links: This is a central location for all the important links for my classes. You can access the virtual enterprise websites, The Student Portal to check your grades, the student company websites, and our academy website.

    Classroom Files: These are all the classroom files that are most useful to you. You will find your assignments, classroom tasks (which are also on the calendar), and other useful resources for your class
     Class    Period  Grade Type Recurring Meeting Link
     CDEV 120  Period 1  12 Early College Course - Santa Ana College Zoom Meeting Click Here to Join
     Conference Period Period 2      
     Entrepreneur (Virtual Enterprise)  Period 3 11th Entrepreneurship 100 (Dual enrollment spring sem.) Zoom Meeting Click Here to Join
     Applications for Business  Period 4 10th Fundamentals of Business 100 (Articulated) Zoom Meeting Click Here to Join
     Applications for Business  Period 5 10th Fundamentals of Business 100 (Articulated) Zoom Meeting Click Here to Join
     Release - Academy Project Director Administration  Period 6   N/A