• 2016 - 2017
                        Fall Final Study Guide:
    Note to students: 1 Fun Fold is required to turn in for the semester. 
     However, you can turn in another one to make-up for one work assignment you missed.
     Category 1 is 10 points each and Category 2 is 20 points each. 
    Fun Folds

    Category 1 

     Category 2


     flower, in spanish

    another version



     Kusudama (Japanese)

     big flower , small flower

    another version 



     PREP 3D folding  basic fold 1 , or 2 for any option below:

     in Spanish 

     Eagle bird   

     Pikachu , Pikachu2 , dragon 


     penguin , swan , bear 1

    (category undecided until you turn in your completed design)  List1 , List2List3List4   
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