• Student need to turn in ONE project for each six week:
               Planning paper click here
               Step 1. Construct a Perpendicular Bisector" practice construction: click here or  click here if the first link did not work.
                       2. YinYang construction [see after video in #1]: click here
    After you have completed & turned in the Construction project above
    Constructions EC: [do on flashcards & must have construction marks to get credits]
    Flashcard #   and  Flashcard title:         2pts - #C1: "Construct Perpendicular to Line Through a Point Not on the line" watch
    2pts - #C2: "Construct an Angle Bisectorwatch
    2pts - #C3: "Construct Parallel Lines by Corresponding Angles" watchYou got this!
    2pts - #C4: "Construct an Isosceles" watch     or      video 2
    2pts - #C5:  "Constructing a 30-60-90 triangle"    watch
    Construction Flashcards total 10points EC will be in at the end for the semester grade.